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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

holy gas cap, batman!

So, this morning I took my car to the dealership to find out what’s going on w/ my exhaust system, which OnStar generously informed me of.  My check engine light is on as well, and my cruise isn’t working.  Tho, truthfully, my cruise stopped working consistently a while ago, but whenever I’d mention it at a check up, they said it was working fine for them.  So idk what one is to take from that!  it’s not like I don’t know how to work the cruise… anyway!  I brought it in at 7, and the gal who did the intake said they’d call in a couple hours to let me know what they found & how much it would be, etc., etc.  9:30 came – no call.  11:30 came – no call.  So I called them, but she wasn’t at her desk, so I had to leave a message.  12:50 came – no call.  VERY ANNOYED at that point!  But I didn’t want to call AGAIN – it’s not like I want to be a difficult customer, but come on! 

finally, around 1, the call came.  with an apology about not getting back to me earlier, so that was nice.  : )  turns out my cruise control's not working because it needs a new switch.  and my "exhaust leak" issue - the seal on my gas cap is worn down.  LOL  well, pretty good for nearly 6 years, i guess!  so, the total bill for labor & parts will be over $300.  *shocky face*  i've got to call tomorrow & see what the difference in labor is if i just replace the gas cap (which is $28) & not the switch right now (which is $50).  i'm thinking the labor on replacing a gas cap shouldn't be too much... the switch is in the steering column, so i can see a more labor intensive job there.  still, i don't have an extra $300 this paycheck to dole out on something i don't absolutely need.  i've made several trips w/o the cruise - it's a luxury (like my remote start that doesn't work anymore, phhht) not a necessity.  i guess.  LOL 

Other than that frustration, today was nice! I actually took my ½ an hour break – still ate at my desk & worked, but after that I went outside & sat on a stoop & read my Betty Neels for ½ an hour.  Oh how I love her stories!  Her heroes are always professors, doctors, teachers and quite a bit older than the heroine, usually.  LOVE IT!  of course, I’M now quite a bit older than all her heroines, as they usually are in their early to mid twenties.  I guess in the 70’s in England/Holland ppl got married young.  (oh, wait, they still do!  LOL  and in the US, too – just not me.  phhhht)  Anyway, i got to read outside for a bit after work, also, because marty worked about 20 minutes longer than i did!  : )  

now i'm home & going to try to watch GH & read a bit before mom gets here.  she's giving me an old cushy chair of hers, which i THINK i will put in the living room, altho eventually when i get my library squared away i think it will live there.  : )  she's also bringing me SUBWAY!  what a nice mama i have!  ppl shouldn't be mean to her.  she is a giver & her attitude has improved 100% since the days when i thought she hated me... she still gets that tone in her voice sometimes, and i try to point it out to her now, to help her cuz she doesn't usually know she's doing it.  

anyway!  : )  how was YOUR day??  what'd you have for dinner?  do share!  



  1. I just can't handle GH anymore...really? bringing back crazy Lisa? Lame. And I seriously can't handle the stupid Franco story. There is not one storyline on GH right now that makes me want to watch.

    Glad to hear nothing major is wrong with your car. I have to put new tires and an oil change for mine...blech.

  2. yeah, the lisa thing does not interest me AT ALL. except that the gal playing her IS a good actress. and my friend erin called me the other day to say there is a good storyline going on w/ robin/patrick right now. altho maybe that's the same lisa storyline that you aren't liking... LOL anyway, i got sidetracked by terra nova, so GH is waiting...again...