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Sunday, 9 October 2011

bathroom dreams

i have them all the time, altho they haven't been as frequent lately.  last night/today i had two crazy ones that i remember vividly.  

in the first one, i was at work, but the office set up was different & there were a lot more ppl working.  i was helping someone out w/ something... and then i had to go to the loo, so i did, but it was at jc penney.  and there was a line.  once i got to the front of the line - the set up for the bathroom was really weird.  (as are all the bathrooms in my dreams!)  it was four toilets in one stall, set up like seats on a bus, and a curtain in front of the first two "seats" but nothing separating them.  the men's loo was right next door & just an open space w/ urinals. some older trucker came running in while we were all looking in amazement at the bathroom & turned off all the lights so we couldn't watch him.  then another guy popped up & said something about having to just close your eyes & aim for where you thought the urinal was.  lol  then, somehow, aunt jan was one of the women in line for the loo!  and we were all talking about how big a company JCP is & how this horrendous bathroom was right in the front of their store.  and i was thinking that i did have to go bad, but not THAT bad & i would just hold it & go to the back of the store where i knew the bathroom was nicer.

i was still slightly disconnected when i woke up because i had to think thru if i could use my bathroom or not!  

then, later, the next dream was even crazier & more detailed.  i was hanging out w/ my cousin kathy, a pregnant summer, a pregnant april and a pregnant linda.  linda wasn't there at first - just kathy, summer, april, a freind from HS, jessica, and a couple other ppl who i don't know IRL but did know in the dream.  we were trapped in a funhouse of sorts, which wasn't all that fun as ppl were trying to kill us.  and they were playing music from nightmare on elm street.  there was a climbing wall that we all had to get down - even the pregnant ladies!  when we finally got thru, we were at this really cool house belonging to linda.  in japan.  altho the street we took to get to her house was local.  and april wasn't due for 3 more months, but she was having contractions, so kathy - who is a nurse - was helping her.  summer was due in like a week & was not having any contractions.  

anyway, after all the visiting & such, i had to use the loo, so i went in this tiny doorway & entered a rather LARGE bathroom.  it had a koi poind, a bedet (sp?) and the toilet slid into something else.  it was a complete 180 from the first dream!  lol  but then there was an overflow issue w/ the toilet, and i was trying to clean it up & then linda's entire family came in to help.  THAT was the weird part.  *laugh*  

after that, i got up at like 8:30.  i think i'm going down to get my mail ... or going back to bed... :)  


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