"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 6 October 2011

tonight i met my friend becks for dinner.  it'd been way too long since our last hang out!  

we started at TGIFriday's.  when i arrived, i was greeted w/ a strange site - a guy standing by a truck w/ a stop sign at the entrance to the parking lot.  i stopped to find out the deal.  well, apparently REBA is in town for a concert tonight.  (i knew she was in town since my friend nicki's hubster got to make dinner for her at his restaurant yesterday, but did NOT know she was here for a concert!)  

"isn't this a public parking lot?  how can you charge me to park in a public FREE lot for this restaurant?"  i was a little miffed.  parking lots freak me out anyway, but i'm usually okay w/ this one because i'm familiar w/ it & it's a pretty easy in & out.  but no way was i paying $10 to park there!  then, however, dude showed me a coupon that would take $10 off the bill at Friday's.  oh, okay then.  *laugh*  

i was about half an hour early, so i grabbed a book from my trunk (yes, i have books EVERYWHERE) & read while waiting at the last table in the place.  : )  it was paaacked!  i looked over the menu, but didn't really see anything i wanted to eat.  i figured i'd ask about soup.  heh.  

when becks arrived & looked over the limited menu, she thought the same about not finding anything she really wanted to eat.  so we left.  i got my $10 back, but gave $5 of it to the waitress because it wasn't her fault we weren't staying, and she DID bring us water.  :)  we decided to go to osaka buffet, where neither of us had been before but both had heard good things.

it's a little pricey, which we didn't know ($15, eep!) but very, very good!  

loved hanging out w/ my friend & visiting!  i need more things like this, this month!  : )  

then i got to chat w/ april & watch psych when i got home.  woot!  

not woot - my computer screen seems to be dying... ugh!  :(  

hope your day has gone well!  tomorrow is FRIDAY, thank You, Jesus!  : )  


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