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Thursday, 13 October 2011


hooray, hooray, i have milk & cereal & cheeeeeese & little mini ice cream sammiches & grapefruit & yogurt.  i love grocery day!  : )  

i went to hy vee by work instead of WM because i figured they would have everything i needed.  which, they did - except for a couple things, so i'll have to go to WM anyway tomorrow after work!  lol  i'm planning to take an hour of vacation, but now i'm thinking i might take more.  i'm really nicely caught up right now, and have left ON TIME every day this week!  so, i think 3 or 4 hours will be do-able.  we'll see, tho.  after my errands i'm gonna hang out at erin's for a bit.  whee!  

saturday, i was supposed to go to the pumpkin patch w/ jen & leyton, but jen decided they're not going because he's going w/ school later.  which is fine - i just wish she would have TOLD me this... i guess she told mom, cuz i said something about being excited for the pumpkin patch & mom was like, "oh, jen didn't tell you they're not going now?"  *pouty face*  *laugh*  i was really looking forward to it, too!  

ah well.  i'll see if aunt jan is free for lunch saturday.  heh.  then there's still aunt nancy & uncle gene's bonfire to look forward to, as well!  

so, in other slightly newsworthy things... did you guys see the moon tonight??  it was big & orange for awhile, and looked so dang close!  then the earth rotated - another question, have you ever been watching the moon while it moves in the sky?  freaky!  

that's all i got for today!  *laugh*  feeling blessed, how bout you?  : ) 


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