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Saturday, 8 October 2011


today was a beautiful fall day!  lots of colors POPPING all over the place!  

i picked up leyton at 9:30 & we got breakfast at hardee's & then headed to HQ.  on the way, we saw an antique tractor show set up in the farm & fleet parking lot & decided to turn in there.  : )  leyton was overly excited about the red tractors.  d'oh!  

he wanted to take my picture in front of one of them, but i convinced him that green was a better color for me (as it is my favorite LOL).

then it was off to HQ for more of our traditional weekend fun!  : )  (btw, does anyone else hear the girl from Ever After saying "it's tradition" when they see that word?  no, just me?  hmm.  *laugh*)

 i don't remember what he was doing, but it was funny!

 heh - this is his surprised and amused look cuz he didn't realize the seat moved like that! 

 my darling nephew pointed out that there was a new combine here almost the minute he walked in the door.  i found it very awesome that he knew right away that it was different!  : )  

 future detective?  he found this note in one of the nooks of the new combine! 

he loves having his picture taken in the wheels.
i love to oblige!  : ) 

leyton continued his tradition of making friends while we were there.  : )  and then we headed to the pavilion.  on the way there, we came across the regatta.  leyton saw the boats & we decided to detour & watch!  : )  we also had some fun w/ construction, leaves, running, trees... 

he was getting tired, and a little cranky as it was 1 & really lunch time, and so i thought perhaps we'd just do lunch & go to gramma's for naptime.  he realllllly wanted to go to the pavilion, however.  SO.  of course we did!  *laugh*  

unfortunately, there was a small incident involving the chair in the loader.  :(  he sliced his finger open & we had to get a cleansing wipe & bandaid from the front desk.  which then caused us to have to fill out an incident report.  d'oh!  and the poor kid, already tired & hungry & cranky as it was, had a mini-meltdown.  :(  and yet, he still wanted to go play at the store.  LOL  so we headed over there, where he made yet another friend, and we told him & his grandfather that they should totally check out HQ (the kid had picked out a combine toy & so we told them that there was a big combine at HQ to play on).  : )  

we played there for about 20 minutes & then picked up lunch & went to gramma's to eat.  i hung out there for a little bit & then came home because the headache that had been threatening 1/2 the week due to the pinched nerve or whatever in my neck/shoulder decided to come on full force.  :(  BOO!  i didn't even turn the computer on when i got home, just snuggled on the couch w/ Psych, praying til it went mostly away.  right now it's just kinda dull, thankfully.  hopefully it'll be healed soon!!  

now, a couple thoughts about today, based on how ppl react to kids.  leyton did have a couple melt downs, and my reaction to his melt downs is very accommodating.  this is a deliberate action and direct result of my personal experience w/ vocal cues.  my mother, for whatever reason, tends to sound MEAN.  she doesn't mean to most of the time, but when she's upset or mad this tone just gets into her voice.  it doesn't matter if she's upset w/ YOU or w/ a situation, whatever.  and my feelings would get hurt a lot from her tone.  along w/ that, i am very sensitive to parent/adult tones when dealing w/ kids.  i GET that when kids are acting up, parents/adults should sound mean/upset, whatever, because the kid's in trouble.  that makes sense & usually doesn't make me cringe (unless they are being really MEAN - maybe that doesn't make sense, but to me there is a difference btwn mean & MEAN, ya know?).

but when kids are just being kids - asking questions, even embarrassing questions, or being rambunctious, or even a little whiny - i don't think there's any reason to yell at, berate, or scold them.  i heard a couple parents/adults like that today, and it DID make me cringe.  

meh.  don't get me wrong - leyton got the wrath of carrie voice today, but not in front of anyone.  and i don't ever yell at or scream at him.  generally, in public i can give him a look (or a tone coupled w/ a look) which he obeys even when he's not happy about it.  but also, he generally doesn't act up w/o a good reason - such as being tired or just having his finger injured!  *laugh*  i think about what's going on w/ him before i react.  or at least i try to more often than not.  

so, what about my readers out there that are parents or other influencing adults?  how do you handle your kids when they melt down?  (and if you're a yeller or something, please don't be offended by my opinions.  even in my cringing, i understand that i'm only witnessing a small blip in time of these reactions.  with the exception of ppl i witness repeatedly acting rudely to their kids.)

anywhoo!  i hope your saturday was super & that you were able to enjoy some of God's artwork today!  : )  


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