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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

nail polish

i painted my nails w/ the sparkly polish erin sent me.  : ) the paint job's not pretty, but the color is!  

work was fun today!  we're doing a secret halloween gift swap - kinda like secret santa, only no drawing names & it's just a one-time thing.  i got to "boo" my ppl today.  and they liked their gifts!  yay!  : )  also, my wall-mate & i were on a roll at the end of the day.  LOL  lots of laughter, lots of fun - and lots of work got done, don't worry!  

AND today i set up the date for my turtle cake!  thanks, nicki!  i'll remember to take pictures for y'all.  *bounce*

when i got home, i curled up w/ my betty neels & texted back & forth w/ trish.  i'm going over there for dinner (she's making chicken & noodles, yay!!  another friend & i were just talking about how much i'm going to miss them this year at grammy's christmas, since we're not having it *cry*) & to watch my first official episode of secret circle.  i love the books so much... 

then april sent me a message & so i logged on & tried to chat w/ her.  but my computer froze.  twice.  baaah!  meanwhile, there was drama going on w/ ... well, other things.  oye.  i'm doing my best to stay out of it!  finally i was able to chat w/ april for a few minutes, but then my brother called & she had to go to bed, so... ah well.  

now, back to my book for a little bit, finish this episode of buffy, and then BED!  i feel like i need a mental health day, but i'm taking vacation on monday to honor dad, so there ya go.

i hope YOUR day was enjoyable!  : )  *HUGS*



  1. I need to paint my nails...but I'm to lazy.

  2. yeah, i'm usually too lazy to take it off & redo it, causing me to have the horrible "chipping nails"... hopefully this time i'll be better? LOL