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Sunday, 30 October 2011


today was pretty nice.  very blessed!  i didn't sleep late, but it was past 6:30, so it still counts as "sleeping in."  : )  i finished my light street book, read People, watched buffy, had apples w/ pb, cheese, & olives for breakfast.  not all together, just the apples & pb!  LOL  

for lunch, i met mom & PHIL at red robin.  it was so nice hanging out w/ phil - we hadn't all eaten together for a looooong time.  mom was thinking last thanksgiving... eep!  anyway, we had some nice talks & good hang-out time.  : )  and a delicious onion ring tower w/ lots of ranch.  i had my usual banzai burger (no bun).  

after lunch, mom & i went to see In Time.  oh my goodness, this was a gooooood movie!  one of the bf's that i share w/ marianne, matt bomer, was in the beginning.  : )  and justin timberlake is actually a pretty good actor.  he needs to work on his crying, but otherwise, thumbs up!  heh.  

when i got home, i watched an ellen page double feature, juno & whip it.  enjoyed!  worked on mom & phil's calendars - i think i'm done, so now i just have to order them.  : )  then back to buffy, and oh!  one of the previews at the movie was for One For The Money & it looks so good!  when katherine heigel was cast, i read a lot of comments that were upset at her being stephanie plum.  however, i haven't read the books yet, so i don't have any vision in my head of stephanie, and from that perspective, she looked like she was doing a good job of it!  heh.  well, then when i put my light street book in the library, i remembered that someone (beards?  maybe?) had given me a couple books, so i checked my shelves & sure enough, i have One For The Money!  woot!  so that's to be my next story.  : )  

now i think i'm off to bed... i'm thankful to have tomorrow off to rest.  the funny movie marathon is still an option, but idk if i want to leave the house at all tomorrow.  we'll see.  i might have to go out to get an rx refill, so if that's the case then i'll likely stop at the movie store as well.  

hope your weekend went well!  


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