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Thursday, 20 October 2011


i have a curious case of ennui today.  i'm ENJOYING things, so it's not really depression.  (watching Revenge & Psych & idk what else tonight - Psych made me LAAAAUUUGGGHHH!)  

things i need to do: 

write letters
write out a sympathy card
go thru pictures
put TP in the guest bathroom
add money to my phone
put gas in the car
put laundry away
clean the kitchen
clean the cat litter
clean ... 
send jacob's birthday present
before christmas
scan my latest postcrossing
organize my movies
get the library in order
get the guest room in order
box up misha & bret's things they left in the guest room
figure out how to pay off the ... mob

so, yeah, lots going on!  PLUS, i really want to figure out how to:
get to DC over break
go to florida
go to vegas
go to the falls
(are you sensing i want to TRAVEL?)
(and those are the ones i think are do-able - i'm not so sure about hawaii, alaska, ireland, australia - i don't want to be in a plane that long, so i think the last two are out...)

anywhoo.  i'm just having a time.  i'm okay, really.  i just feel a bit like i'm stuck in jello?

tomorrow's friday, hooray!  


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  1. I hate cleaning but it's always on my "to do" list.