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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

the chair has been accepted

angel took over the chair the minute it came in... LOL  she explored it under & over & finally settled... 

i was boo'd today.  in a good way!  : )  

they're YUMMY!  chocolate & pecan in a pretzel.  nom nom nom!  

so, did i say that aunt jan called to say she MIGHT want me to go w/ her to peoria saturday for a casting crowns concert?  they have the title song in the movie Courageous.  have you seen it yet?  my dad was a man of courage.  he loved the Lord, his family, his friends, random ppl on the street, and was always there to lend a helping hand to any & all of them.  i remember sometimes feeling resentful - for brief, brief moments - of the "special" ppl he would help.  now, i see that he was teaching us by example.  and it's not that i didn't LIKE the "special" ppl.  i really did - they were all super nice, and i was glad that dad was there to help them w/ whatever it was they needed at a given time.  

he's my inspiration.  : ) 

anyway, that was a tangent!  the trip - idk if it's going to work out or not - leaving that up to God, as all things are!  i think i would like to go, tho... so we'll see.  

tried to watch some GH but the computer wasn't liking it today - tho i did watch terra nova.  : )  i'm too tired to deal w/ more, so i put in buffy because it's ... well, easier.  *laugh*  i love my buffy!!!  i got to chat w/ april again (yay!!) & even w/ joy a little on the FB (yay yay!).  now i think it's time to read a little & get to bed.  a little earlier than midnight maybe??  ; )  we'll see!  


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