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Saturday, 15 October 2011


other than a visit from the drama llama (can't we all just get along?!), today was a great day!  

FINALLY mailed off my sparkle swap gift.  oh my heck, international mail is a pain in the patoot.  i packaged the gift, then had some financial issues & couldn't mail it.  when i FINALLY took it to the post office (like 3 weeks ago) they told me it would cost $35 to ship it.  i was like ... whaaa?  but if i repackaged it in a priority box, it would be cheaper.  okay... so i took it back home & repackaged it.  then had to wait til the next pay day to ship it.  so yesterday i took it to a different post office in the new box, and the price was now $45!  WHAT?!  i was told it would be CHEAPER, ppl.  well, if i use a different box... (again, what?!)  so, okay, i go over to find the different box, and ask questions because i want to make sure that THIS time i have the right box.  the PO worker is very nice & says, yes, yes, that is the right box.  but a mean guy in line gives me grief.  so, all in all a stressful experience.

i take the new box home & repackage AGAIN.  then this morning i wrote out some birthday party invitations & a couple cards for friends & headed back to the PO.  same two ladies were working as yesterday, but the mean guy was gone.  lol  actually, the ppl in line today were really super nice, and even helped each other out when one needed change for a five!  : )  

anyway, so it's finally my turn.  i get to the counter, i THINK i have everything right - and the postal worker tells me it will still be $35 because i have it in a priority box.  but if i use a DIFFERENT box, it would be less.  frustrated!!!  she was so sweet, tho, and came out to help me find the right box to use.  then i took it over to a different counter & switched everything out & went to the other counter when i was done.  where i found out that the first lady had given me the wrong form to fill out, so i had to fill out another one.  at this point, i was like WHATEVER JUST TAKE THE PACKAGE!  OH MY HECK!  


so, it's on it's way, nadine!  sooooo sorry it took so long!!  

while i was at the PO, mom called to tell me that she had to take leyton to the dr cuz he had infantigo. ?!  there had been a case at the sitter's, but jen thought they'd caught it in time.  however, i guess not in time for leyton!  so mom took him to the clinic so he could get an RX for meds, then went to walgreen's to get the meds.  so i went to hy vee & picked up fixins for her taco dip & then went to her house to hang out til they got home.  we ate lunch & i read TV Guide & we watched I Love Trains!  heh.

then, it was time to head to aunt nancy & uncle gene's for the bonfire.  SO MUCH FUN!  so nice to hang out w/ the fam.  : )  phil even was able to make it for a little while!  yay!  there were pumpkins to decorate & hot dogs grilling, apple cider warm on the oven, and of course the circle around the BONFIRE!  : )  

 pumpkin time!  
 cousin matt & his family - johnna, bentley & nathan (as spiderman)

generations of cousins ...
 Aunts Patty & Vicki

 "don't point that finger at me, youngin.  i'll bite it off!"  

 Aunt Judy & mi mama 
 w/ aunt nancy!!  : ) 
 anthony plays w/ his gadget while sophie dresses up like a cute lil witch!  

 uncle terry & uncle gene playing w/ uncle gene's ipad 

 aunt nancy looked up at just the right time!  

 my other mother & me  : ) 
 Aunt Patty & Aunt Nancy w/ Great Uncle Frank 

uncle rick, aunts sandy, nancy, sharon, uncle jim, aunt judy
uncle john, aunt patty, aunt vicki
missing - daddy... 

 a gaggle of uncles surrounding Uncle Mike's ipad.  
oooohhh...  : ) 
 Uncle John, back from KY for a visit!  : ) 

Aunt Nancy's theme of the night - synchronized photo bombing!  ; )  
lovin it, lovin iiiiit!  

after the party, we took leyton & anthony to marty's & then i came home to watch gene simmons family jewels.  man, i love gene simmons & his family.  his kids are so awesome!  

and now i suppose sleep is in order.  : )  i hope your day went well!  


oh yeah - postcards from finland, missouri & germany: 

i really like the german postcrossing!  beautiful - but God's artwork is great inspiration!  
: ) 


  1. oh sweet girl-- international postage is crazzzzy isn't it? i made the mistake once of using a priority box and was too embarrassed to change it out (can you believe it?!) but i'll never make the same mistake again...

    on my last "favorites" giveaway, the winner was from australia. i didn't THINK my stuff was heavy and put it in a regular ole box and about dropped my jaw when they told me it would cost $35! in fact, i went home and tried putting it in two separate smaller boxes and it was about the same... it was painful to shell out that kind of money when i didn't really have it but fair is fair and hers was the name that was chosen. i just wanted to say, i know that kind of pain lol so YES! this time round for the ornament swap, i promise to keep you stateside. BLESS YOUR HEART for having to deal with that, even when you asked for help! ugh.

    love love love,
    Micaela xo

    ps. i should get a letter out to you this week!

  2. thanks, micaela! : ) i love sending mail anywhere & everywhere, but for the cost!