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Saturday, 29 October 2011

day out w/ leyton

i picked leyton up at 9:30 w/o a clear picture of what we were going to do today.  *laugh*  i figured he would want to go to HQ or the Pavilion, but wasn't sure.  when he got into the car, he said, "i know what we're gonna do today.  i have plans!"  LOL  so we went to the pavilion for awhile.  they don't open til 10 on saturdays, so we got there a little early.  unfortunately, leyton decided JUST at that time that he had to go to the loo.  RIGHTNOW!!  :(  i was able to distract him long enough for the doors to open, but i felt bad having to do so!  there's just not much around the pavilion that would be open!  

anywhoo, they're preparing for some new & exciting stuff coming in november - including the CAN DO project - donating over 300, 000 cans of food after they're made into a combine or tractor... which is going to be displayed center stage in the pavilion later in november.  i'll have pictures then.  LOL  so, because they're preparing, they have moved some stuff around, taken some stuff out, etc.  the gator was moved & after we visited the loo, that was where we spent most of our time!  we played cops & he wrote out some tickets to a classic tractor... 

while there, leyton made a new girlfriend, katie.  she was so cute & wanted leyton to hold her hand!  : )  he was too busy leading her from thing to thing, but they had fun for a bit.  : )  i talked w/ the lady w/ her - who turned out to be her grandmother.  oh. my. goodness.  this gal, kara, looked to be my age at the oldest.  NOT old enough to be a grandmother to a 4 year old!!  ya know how sometimes ppl tell you how old they are & you act shocked but really you were pretty spot on to their age?  yeah, this is one time it was nothing like that.  LOL  i was literally shocked when she said katie was her granddaugther!  

we didn't stay at the pavilion very long after they'd played on the last tractor, because leyton was ready to go to the JD Store & play w/ the toys there.  heh.  

we bought a couple things & then headed to the car.  he wanted to go to gramma's, but i knew she had plans before church today, so i told him he would have to call her & see if it was okay to go over there.  i also texted jen & phil to make sure that was *coughahemcough* kosher. 

everyone said sure & leyton was a happy guy!  : )  first, we went to WM & picked up some yogurt & meat & bread & TP & whatnots.  leyton normally doesn't ride in the cart for the whole time, but he did today!  *laugh*  

we saw a friend's mom in the pickle aisle & again at checkout.  leyton was excited!  oh, and we almost left w/o one of the main reasons i went in there - postcards!  yeesh!  i'd done that at the JD Store as well - i want to send a couple postcards along w/ my letter to the 2011 Letters Project, so i paid for the toys & then remembered about the cards!  heh.  all's good now, tho!  

next, we went over to IHOP for some pancake lunchings.  mmmm pancake!  the food was great, but it was like the restaurant was falling apart otherwise - they were out of lemons & tomatoes, there was no TP in the bathroom - and no hand towels, either!  :|  and they weren't that busy, but we had to wait for longer than is appropriate to be seated!  oye.  (i think it's cuz they were shortstaffed & one of the servers went on a break, at least that's partly the explanation!  LOL)  anyway, we had fun, so there ya go.  : )  AND there was an excavator & dump truck working RIGHT out the window...heh!!

after lunch, we stopped at home to put away the groceries.  leyton played w/ chloe & her friends while i did that.  chloe the little neighbor girl, not chloe my car.  LOL  in case you were confused... ; )  then it was off to gramma/dad's to play in the sandbox for 1/2 an hour before naptime!  

 leyton climbs on the porch.  aunt carrie tells him he probably shouldn't do that.  
dad comes along & explains WHY he shouldn't... : )  

while leyton napped, i chatted w/ mom - we decided to go see Matt Bomer & some other ppl in a little flick called In Time, tomorrow afternoon.  we're also going to do dinner at red robin cuz she has a gift card!  woot!  i also read some of my book & had a little nap of my own.  *laugh*  when i went in to get him up at 5, i laid down at the foot of the bed for a few minutes & then we were poking at each other for a few more.  *laugh*  he likes to poke at my glasses... silly!  

we took the Lionel Train catalogue w/ us for him to look at on the way back to marty's.  he likes us to read "stories" to him from it.  : )  i think it's the cutest thing!!  i think i'm going to get him a train magazine for christmas... anyway!  we stopped at mcd's for a quick dinner & then back to marty's.  *hugs* & see you laters & home for me.  

i finally remembered to get my mail!  People, a thinking of you card from aunt janie, and a bunch of postcards!  the one from juneau is from cousin jenni.  : )  i also got a card from a russian postcrosser, but it's a little to risque to share.  

i hope your saturday was beautiful & not too snowy!  yikes!  all that snow & it's not even halloween!  i am a little frightened for this winter... 



  1. I love the postcard on the bottom! And, you're such a good aunt, you know.

  2. me, too! it was from a postcrosser in the netherlands, but they took it while on holiday in france. : )

    and thanks!