"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


caught up w/: 

the lying game, state of georgia, and most of warehouse 13.  : )  LOVE entertainment!  : )  

hung out w/: 

mom & leyton at chick fil a.  had a "small world" occurrence.  started chatting about dukes of hazard birthday parties for kids (idk how the conversation got started, something triggered it...oh!) ... backup!  i overheard her say something about a little kid wearing a ghostbusters t-shirt & how he didn't have a clue what ghostbusters was.  mom & i had just seen the trailer for it coming back out, so i turned around & told her that.  then we started talking about the movie, then dukes of hazard & how her son wanted that for his bday party theme at 5 cuz he watched the reruns.  lol!  that led to talking about some other stuff, birthday parties in general, etc., etc.  then suddenly she said, "you look familiar, where'd you go to school?"  now, idk if i've written about it here before or not, but i have a doppleganger that went to another local school, and occasionally ppl think i'm her.  but, as it turned out, this girl actually DID go to the same school!  *laugh*  so we spent the rest of the hour or so that we were there chatting while the kids played.  : )  

THEN when mom, leyton & i left, i realized sunday & i might have another small world connection.  i texted nicki & sure enough - mutual acquaintance!  

idk why these things always surprise me, but they do.  pleasantly so, most of the time, thankfully!!  : )  as i told nicki, i like when ppl recognize me from school - and admit to it.  because that means that they're willing to acknowledge that they knew me & i must not be too awful, ya know?  not that i think i'm awful!  i haven't had an episode like that in awhile... Lord willing i won't again!  


work was kinda relaxing today.  i spent all day doing memorial follow up.  i didn't think it would take ALL day, but it did - well, most of the day.  i did have time to get a few other things done as well.  : )  AND still leave on time.  *laugh*  i'm quite happy about this leaving on time thing, it's very nice!  but i do miss the extra $$... ah well!  : )  

now, BED!  bed sounds good.  i hope your day went fabulously!  i am ready for the weekend!  we're over the hump!  


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