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Sunday, 23 October 2011


nothing big about today.  it was a lovely day of rest.  i finished People, started a Margot Early book, and watched many VHS tapes.  

- Housesitter - goldie hawn, steve martin, rom com, love it!  i don't really like goldie hawn, or so i think.  but then when i see this movie, i really like her!  maybe i just don't like that movie she's in w/ kurt russell that everyone else really likes?  overboard?  idk.  anyway, after this one i wanted more steve martin, so i put in 

- A Simple Twist of Fate - which steve wrote & is based lightly off of Silas Marner, which was one of my favorite stories we read aloud in school.  a sweet, funny, touching movie.  then i needed something fast-paced, so i picked 

- Sing - it's from the same ppl who wrote/produced Footloose, and idk how it hasn't been a classic like that movie.  peter dobson is ... manly.  : )  and interesting random fact about him - he has since been in all three CSI's.  lol  

after Sing, i couldn't decide what to watch, and i really wanted to read a book.  so i started Holding the Baby by Margot Early.  she's one of my favorite authors!  took a little movie break & then put in 

- Ghostbusters - if i can't see it on the big screen, at least i own it!  : )  i continued my purely VHS watching streak after that w/ 

- Excess Baggage - LOVE this movie, love the soundtrack, love alicia silverstone and christopher walken!!  : )  april sent me a message while watching this one & reading, so i logged in to the IM & got to chat w/ her for a bit.  she agreed w/ me that the last movie of my VHS streak should be 

- Ferris Bueller - a classic!!  : )  i still can't believe how much these kids packed into a few hours in chicago!  *laugh*  i noticed how much the chicago skyline/landscape has changed since this movie was shot, too.  

tomorrow it's back to work!  praying for a good night's sleep & a blessed day for me & y'all as well!  : )  


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