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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

that's incredible!!

hi party peeps!  how ya doin??  : )   i'm currently watching psych season 2 & in the particular episode i just finished was a very, very attractive lou diamond phillips.  YUM.  

this picture almost makes me forget that my shoulder still hurts, causing the headache to not go completely away. lol  grrr.  icy hot!  

but i made it thru my payroll deadline & got all my claims in AND vacations done AND all sorts of crazy issues resolved w/ various things.  : )  had a delicious cafeteria lunch - potato & leek soup, YUM!  

i was contemplating dinner - stroganoff or cereal? - when mom texted to see if i wanted to join her & leyton at incredible pizza.  of course!  : )  they picked me up at 6 & awaaaay we went.  

things that are awesome about incredible pizza - we discovered a new room to eat in, the family room, which is kinda like a retirement community in florida.  the tv plays andy griffith & 3 stooges & gilligan's island.  in another room they were playing horton hears a who.  heh.  anyway, we ate in the family room, and leyton wanted to sit right next to this table of older diners who were talking.  as you do when you're dining.  LOL  anyway, the one lady was talking about how her mom was mugged & the dude stabbed her in the back of the head & stuff.  (she's okay, thank God!)  so, we saw the lady at the dessert table later, and leyton asked her about her mom who was stabbed!  she was like, "where you listening to our conversation?"  and leyton said, "yes."  LOL  she later chatted w/ him & asked if he was 7.  when i told her he was four, she was shocked!  she said her grandson is 5 & he's tall, but not that tall.  and she said leyton was very smart (so nice when others notice!  heh).  : )  

 Dancing in the parking lot 

 my turn to take a picture?  

 hi five!!


more dancing!  : )  

very nice night.  *love*  but now i must get to bed!!  it's so hard to get up now that it's dark in the mornings!  how about for you?


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