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Monday, 17 October 2011


i was so looking forward to traveling w/ mom this weekend.  she'd mentioned going to chicago, and i was really geared up for it.  for the past few years, the anniversary of daddy's passing, we've take a road trip of some sort. but this year, year FIVE (ohmyheckit'sbeenfiveyearsican'tevenbelieveit), it won't work out for her to be gone.  or, rather, she won't work it out.  it's not like she doesn't know, couldn't plan - she could have talked to her ppl about needing friday & monday off, she could have gotten someone to cover for her in nursery on sunday.  that's what you do when you have plans, you arrange your schedule for them to happen. anyway, i'm just disappointed.  and i don't know that i want to stay in town myself.  i might decide to just go for a theraputic drive   to some random place.  

or i'll stay home.  idk.  we'll see.

i have the travel bug, tho, hot & heavy for sure.  i sorta blame Pan Am, which i watched tonight.  and also it's just who i am.  i love to travel!  for a few months, i've been thinking of going somewhere over christmas break - maybe florida to visit kathy, maybe DC to visit april... today i'm leaning more toward DC, because i have been missing it soooo much!  how can i miss a town i've only been to twice so much??  it's a mystery, but there ya go.  

leyton's spending the night tomorrow, so that should be fun!  : )  

along w/ Pan Am, i had a Desperate Housewives marathon - caught up w/ the first 4 episodes of this season. Love it!!  

got to chat w/ april for a little bit, had a nice hello from marianne, a baked potato from arthur's for dinner, hot chocolate... 

winners - 
trish won tickets to the paul simon concert.  wooot!  way to go, trish!!  : )  
leyton won some sort of prize from modern woodmen - we put his name in at the balloon fest.  

now it's time to sleep, i think!  i can't think of anything else you need to know about today, anyway!  hope yours went well!!  : )  


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