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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

today was like monday. on steroids.

seeeeriously!  it was a crazy day.  ppl asking questions & giving me grief about things that they should know about already because we've only been doing this process for 4 or 5 years now.  yeesh!  and everyone (almost) that i talked to/helped today was super nice.  but the issues were all over the place!  just when i felt like i could take a breath, a new IM, email or phone call would come in.  *laugh*  

praying tomorrow will be a GREAT day, tho!  

not that today was a bad day at all.  just insanely busy.  : )  

and after work, i was going to get taco john's for dinner - but they are abandoned!  ohhh.  i bet it happened that sunday i went there & it said open but no one was there.  it was like everyone just walked away... !  

so i got taco bell instead & went to jen's to hang out w/ anthony & leyton.  : )  we had fun, but i had a headache & achy knees.  i did manage to give leyton a bath AND wash his hair w/ a minimum of fuss! that in itself is awesome!  : )  

i still have a slight headache & my computer was acting up & not letting me watch Revenge, so i am off to bed.  hope your day was awesome!  

ttfn - oh, and please enjoy these pictures!  : ) 

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