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Friday, 30 September 2011

friday for sure!

altho technically as i write this, it's saturday.  goal of going to bed by midnight - FAIL.

work was pretty slow today.  i got a lot accomplished, but not as much as i'd wanted to.  stupid issues.  :|   also i was in the bathroom a bit.  hopefully feeling better tomorrow.  AND then i left at 3:30 because i needed to get to the bank & home to pick some stuff up before i picked erin up at 6.  heh.

lunch was awesome!  i'd scheduled lunch w/ my friend amy.  she thought it was a group thing & that i'd forgotten to tell trish & megan, so she invited them.  then, i'm not sure how, but marcie was there, too!  so, it was like a surprise party & it's not even my birthday yet!!  *laugh*  we all gathered at the chinese buffet & had quite a nice visit!  : )

after work, i ran my errand & came home to switch purses (time to break out the autumn purse!) & do a couple things.  picked erin up a little after 6 & we went to arthur's for dinner.  ran into a former co-worker of trish's who ironically shares her birthday!  heh.  it's always a bit ... odd... when you see ppl outside of work, ya know?  like, not bad.  as long as they're nice to me, i love seeing ppl i know wherever!  LOL  the food was great, erin & i got to visit a lot, and then we went to the theatre for ...

COURAGEOUS!  seriously, if you are a dad, have a dad, know a dad - go to this movie.  loved it!  erin didn't love it as much, but she's forcing me to see the muppets movie later, so... altho there is someone in the muppets movie that made me think it would be worth seeing.  : )

oh my goodness, i'm supposed to pick leyton up at 9 tomorrow for our adventure.  i really need to sleep!

hope your friday was blessed & your saturday, too!  : )


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