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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


i have this dream... it involves being independently wealthy & traveling the US & Canada.  ahhh... dreams.  

anywhoo, how was your wednesday?  mine was quite BUSY and i was at work til 7.  and jen texted me at 7 to see if i could bring her some cranberry juice.  i was tired.  i was hungry.  and i can't drink cranberry juice, so i've almost never bought it before.  do you know that nearly an entire AISLE at the store is "cranberry" juice?  but of that aisle, i did not find any completely cranberry juice.  it's all cranberry flavored grape juice, apple-cran, pomegranate-cran, raspberry-cran, strawberry-kiwi, and V8.  holy moose & squirrel, batman!  anyway, she got ocean spray juice - not the juice cocktail.  

the good thing was i got to see leyton & anthony for a few minutes when i dropped the juice off for her!  : )  leyton wanted to snuggle while i watched them play transformers: rise of the fallen.  awwww.  so, that was fun & worth the exhaustion!  and anthony was being nice!  : )  

mail was good: 

dutch horses and rio.  : )  heh.  well, idk if the horses are dutch, but the card is from the netherlands!  : )  

maybe this weekend i can work on my letters - i have a few ppl to write back!  

i wish leyton could spend the night saturday, but his aunt jackie & cousin tianna are in town, so i think they'll be hanging out.  gonna check w/ jen, tho, ya never know!  

when i got home, it felt like someone had been here.  one of the steps on my porch was displaced, which it wasn't this morning.  and there was no package at my door (for me or otherwise, since ppl seem to like to put my trailer down for their packages!  weird!), so it hadn't been broken by a delivery person... then there was a plate in my sink, and i almost never put things in that side of the sink because it bothers me for some reason.  so i sent phil a text & asked if he'd been in my house today.  he wrote back "lol yeah."  silly man!  

anywhoo, oh my heck it's midnight again already!  

computer let me watch my neal (hooray!!!) and white collar was a really fabulous premier, of course!  then i watched the new show on abcfamily, Switched At Birth.  VERY GOOD!  

gotta sleep.  : )  ttfn!!!

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