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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

love is a point of order

oh goodness!  i am exhausted.  headache off & on all day today.  

but PTL (that's praise the Lord) i got outta work slightly before 6:30, picked up adolph's (cuz christina invited me to la rancharita w/ her & tony but as they were eating at 6 it wasn't going to work & then mexican sounded goooood!) & got home an hour later.  i avoided the crazy bridge & took the round about way home.  *laugh*  

i watched episode 2 of Switched At Birth & i really enjoy the show!  very well done, and i think it has staying power.  or, at least i hope so!  wanted to catch up w/ Secret Life, but apparently all the episodes from last season expired.  d'oh!  i had 5 episodes left to watch!!  :(  thankfully, the season finale was still available, so i got to see that, and then the first episode of the new season.  oh my goodness!  emotional, very emotional, and YES i was sitting in front of the "tv" sobbing for part of it.  

and now my nose is stuffed up again.  grrr.  

anywhoo!  now the plan is to watch OLTL & get to bed before midnight.  cuz wow, did i mention i'm exhausted?  ; )  

(sorry, this is a way boring post!  here's a couple cute pictures to make up for it!)  ttfn!!

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