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Friday, 24 June 2011

hanging out w/ the boys

Today was the boss’s retirement.  Happily, I was not called upon to give a speech about the gift we gave him, because it hit me as I saw his daughter taking pictures of everything – my dad didn’t get to have a retirement party.  I’m so grateful that we had his surprise party for his 60th birthday.  I’m so grateful that the Lord gave Mom that inspiration – because party planning is so NOT her forte, so it had to be God.  I didn’t really connect that “boss reminds me of a younger dad, boss is retiring, perhaps this will be emotional for me,” until I saw his daughter taking the pictures… I was distracted by the other things, the cruise director things, and then the possibility of speaking in front of everyone.  I was focused on THAT stuff, and not this other emotional stuff. 
The party was really nice, tho, and I only teared up  a couple times, and I got to talk w/ his wife & daughter & meet some ppl I talk to in email all the time for the business but hadn’t met before.  J  and of course there was cake – carrot cake!  Yay!  that’s my favorite of the offerings – chocolate, vanilla, carrot – carrot!!!  J  He still forgot to bring back my Firefly DVD’s, tho… LOL  good thing I know where he lives!  ;)  

here're some pictures of the basket - i hope the boss likes it!  he likes JD & hawkeye stuff, wine & coffee, and a particular local restaurant.  so, we gave him all that and more!  : )  and yes, that is ELVIS coffee!  woot!  

the rest of the day was pretty much a wash.  i mean, it was productive in the sense of getting things done, but it didn't FEEL like it.  LOL  so when 4:30 came, i booked it outta there.  i thought about stopping at marty's to pick up the kids, but decided to pick up dinner from CFA & Wendy's & have some quiet (haha, i watched The Voice & Burn Notice) time.  : )  baked potato from wendy's and chicken nuggets from CFA.  they're right next door to each other, so it was quite convenient!  and i put my yummy salsa from adolph's on the potato... mmmmm!

i got to chat w/ april while watching my shows, and she was catching up on the voice, too, so that was fun to chat about!  

around 8:15, mom called to say she had to work late & could i go over to marty's to pick up the boys.  LOL  ironic, no?  so i left a little after 8:30 (had to finish BN first!), got the boys, chatted w/ jen & hung out at mom's til about midnight.  it was fun, but the boys were just AT EACH OTHER 3/4 of the time!  and yet - i am going to take them to the botanical gardens tomorrow.  together.  for hours.  in public.  LOL  pray for us!!!  : )  

no, seriously.  please keep them in prayer that they'll get along and not pester each other, and me in prayer that if they DO pester each other, my patience and correct handling of any situation that comes up will come into play.  thanks!!

anyway, we played Sorry! (i won, woot!) & ate cinnamon toast & watched a disney movie about the civil war.  who knew disney had a civil war movie??  we only watched 1/2 so idk how it ends up, but it's about spies from the north infiltrating the south to blow up railways.  leyton got it because it's called Great Locamotive Chase.   heh.  after the popper's penguins thing, i wasn't expecting him to actually sit still for it.  but he DID!  we were snuggling on the couch watching, and he was asking intelligent questions, which i thought was cool.  

okay, dudes, i have gots ta get ta bed!  i hope your friday was a FUN DAY and that everyone is enjoying the weekend.  : )  i enjoyed some OLTL when i got home at 12:30, love love love!  

oh, postcrossings from hawaii & russia today... 

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