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Sunday, 5 June 2011

restful work

today has been quite lovely, even if i did get up earlier than i wanted.  *laugh*  i thought i would sleep til 10, but 8:30 came & i was pretty much awake!  so, okay.  i popped in buck rogers & read People & made oatmeal w/ PB for breakfast (thanks, sarah, for that inspiration!).  

i spent the majority of my day composing posts for Dear Leyton,.  : )  i still have a few to go - i decided that i've been slacking on the dad stories for various reasons. (it's just kinda emotionally draining to work on them.  i loved reading them, but found that composing them into leyton-friendly stories & reflecting deeply on them for long periods of time was making me sad, and making me miss daddy even more.  and so i'm taking a break from that part of the blog & writing some theme posts.)  it was nice to go through pictures & put them together in various "themed" posts.  i published some of them, altho i might edit them still later.  others i'm still working on!  

after buck, i moved on to Profiler.  i might switch off w/ Pretender tomorrow, and reminisce about when they were on back to back!  : )  

got to chat w/ april tonight, which makes like 3 days in a row, which has been awesome!  i was missing her lots!!!  

watched my first Breaking Dawn trailer!  *bounce*  so excited for that one!!!  HP is in july, and i'm excited for it, but ... it's hard to explain.  my fellow potter peeps out there probably understand, tho.  i created a FB event for the movie but will have to make some phone calls tomorrow after work to get it set up! 

speaking of work - tomorrow's payroll cutoff so it'll be busy busy busy!  tomorrow night i get to hopefully have dinner w/ becca, tho, so that's a nice reward for a hard day of work!  : )  


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