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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

nom nom nom

i love adolph's!  you know.  red salsa & chips!  mmmmm.  i think i ate too many beans, tho.  :|  they were just so good w/ the chips & salsa, i could not resist eating the whole portion.  i console myself w/ the knowledge that i had a really healthy lunch filled w/ lots of broccoli, carrots, cottage cheese, and a piece of shrimp.  normally there's salmon, but the chef forgot to order it, so we had shrimp.  and it wasn't bad - actually, i'm still undecided on if it was GOOD, but i do know it wasn't BAD.  anyway, so, i just had my broccoli slaw, cottage cheese & oh yes, fruit.  mmmm.  so you see, a little extra beans at dinner will HOPEFULLY not wreck my weight-loss streak!  i have at least 40 more lbs to lose, and i'd like to lose 60 more, but i'm not really thinking about it.

like, you know.  i think about it when i think about it, but i don't THINK about it.  savvy? 

holly reminded me that it's been four years, tomorrow, since her littlest sister passed away.  :(  i knew it was this week, but didn't remember the exact date.  and it is so hard to believe it was four years ago!  please keep her and her family in your prayers tomorrow.  i know how super hard anniversaries are.  

i have no gentle segue... 

just a few photos that make me happy.


today was exhausting.  was at work til nearly 7.  but then i treated myself to adolph's, so it's all good.  *laugh*  and it wasn't a BAD day.  just very, very, steadily busy.  : ) 

observation tower

i really need to cut my hair.

thank God for air conditioning.

i don't know what other observations i was having when i started this blessed thing!  

goodnight, and i hope your wednesday is wonderful.  and not wacky.  altho i'm all for wacky.  LOL  


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