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Friday, 3 June 2011

check it

- morning meeting ran 1/2 an hour later than scheduled
- still managed to get a bunch of claims in & vacations done for the day
- monday is payroll cutoff & claims have to be in, so i might have to stay laaaaate that day - but today, i left at 4:45!  made it to the bank & everything!  : )  
- dinner was an omelet w/ basil, cheese & leftover pork roast.  delicious!!!
- got to chat w/ april again!!!!!  *happy dance*
- took a random 2 hour "nap" at 10:30pm.  dreamed that i forgot to pick phil up from school & mom came in to yell at me.  
- sometimes i wonder if i'm conditionally narcoleptic.
- the office was COLD today, and i LOVED it!!!  i hope it stays like that all summer!  : )  
- tomorrow i get to meet friends for some yummy tacos at sancho's!  hooray!!!!!
- and finally... 

- this: 

happy friday!!  

thanks, kathy!  : )  love you!!  


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