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Saturday, 11 June 2011

The World According to Paris

today, i'm wearing these: 

and watching paris.  

do you remember when paris hilton & nicole richie had that show, the simple life?  

confession - i liked that show.  i liked paris.  and nicole.  (mostly)

nicole is now married w/ two little ones & seems to be staying out of the spotlight for the most part.  paris now has a new show, The World According to Paris.  did you know that she has a really cute pink car??

oh my heck!  i don't even really like pink, but the bentley is sweet.  : ) 

i also did not realize that brooke burke is like her best friend, and a part of the show.  charlie sheen apparently inspires reality TV of his ex's... and i always root for charlie, and then i see his ex's & they seem really nice!  so... idk.  i'm sure it's all staged. 

no, wait.  i take that back.  i think i'm supposed to be sure it's all staged.  "reality" television isn't really real & all that.  but that's not how i really feel.  i actually think paris is a good friend who cares about her family and friends.  yes, she can also be shallow.  yes, she likes pretty trinkets and furry animals that fit in her pocket.  yes, you could call her spoiled.  

i'm spoiled, too, but i don't think either of us is rotten!!  

anyway, i'm really happy that i'm back on the TV wagon!  and i'm going to be watching some new shows, like Paris, because for whatever reason CBS only leaves their shows out for a little while & then pulls them?  random!  but that's okay, because hulu has been doing this really neat thing where they show previews of shows from other countries that you can watch!  so awesome!  i'll let ya know if i check them out & what i think, oh yes.   : )  


it was supposed to be warm & sunny today, but it hasn't even hit 70 & has been cloudy all day.  which is okay w/ me - i'm not down w/ all this 90's & 100's & humidity crapola!  LOL  

i think i'll watch some OLTL & GH so i know what erin's talking about tonight when she updates me on all the hospital happenings!  : )  


i entered dad in a father's day contest.  i opened my email by saying - just in case you decide to give a posthumous award... i miss him!  i had a nice dream about him the other night, tho.  : )  *Hugs*

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