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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

is it wednesday? felt like a monday!

so, wow, first day back after a couple days away?  BUSY!  *laugh*  i spent nearly all day working on email and vacations.  heh.  tomorrow?  claims!!  : )  

trish & i were supposed to meet andrea for lunch, but that didn't work out.  : (  maybe next week??  

i'd planned to stay til about 7, but was wiped out by 5:15, so left at 5:30.  which turned out to be fortunate, because mom called & she'd gotten off work early, so we met for a movie!  : )  we saw the new Pirates, and really enjoyed it!  altho it was a little odd - even tho there was probably more jack than the other movies, because there was no will and no elizabeth, it felt like he wasn't in this movie a lot!  ??  did anyone else see it & feel that way?  the star storyline, imo, was between the preacher & the mermaid.  : )  

after the movie, i ran into target for milk.  i came out of there w/ milk, a new shirt, a new box for postcards, the new Glee soundtrack, some tea...  yeah, i went in there for milk!!  LOL  

so, what've you been up to this week??  


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