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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

o r e o

i bought a package of summer oreos tonight while grocery shopping.  they have BLUE creme in the middle.  it's a really pretty blue, too.  lighter than this blue: 

uhhhh, i like paint swatches, okay?    :)  

but still pretty.  i haven't bought oreos in forever because it takes me so long to get thru a package that by the time i get 3/4 of the way thru the cookies are stale & have to be used for ice cream topping or something, except i don't really do that, i just throw them out.  then i feel badly for wasting food and so i don't buy them again.  *laugh*  but i couldn't resist the blue creme!!  

i also got some milk, and having just had a couple drinks of it, i was reminded of howmuchilovemilk!  i hadn't had any for a couple days.  i was feenin.  i'm a dairy feen!  LOL  j/k ... well, unless it's cheese.  then i am totally a dairy feen!  (fiend fiend fiend)   : )  

what other fun things did i get at the store?  oh, finally got a new cd case that will hold 112 cd's!  woot!  i was way tired of having all the cases in the car & taking forever to find the cd i wanted - oh which reminds me that i found my good charlotte cd tonight!  woot!  i have been wanting to listen to it for a month at least, but couldn't find it!  then tonight when i was moving my cd's into the case, voila!  there it was in a random case.  happy dance!  : )  i wanted to get Tangled, but could not find it, so i got When In Rome instead.  josh duhamel, you make my eyes happpppy!  (going to see him in the new transformers tomorrow, i hope i hope!  i know shia is the "star" but to me, it's all about JOSH!)

ummm... i switched chairs at work, and i like the back support of the new one, but every time i get up or even move a certain way, my setting shifts & i feel like i'm being thrust out of the chair!  :|  i've gotten into a routine of adjusting it 20 times a day, but i'm worried that one of these times it's just not going to work!  *laugh*  ah well, i guess then i'll go back to my old chair... but i do have to say that my back is feeling better w/ the new chair... 

there was a baby mouse outside... i didn't get to see it but trish said it was really tiny.  i hope it's okay & found its mama!!  actually, maybe it's better if i didn't see it... *sniffle* 

work was nice today.  crazy busy, but i had my first official one on one w/ my new manager, and even tho a fire drill interrupted out meeting, it was a good one!  AND i have been wanting to volunteer for a certain team ever since i heard about its implementation, so i asked the boss & she said i am already on it!  woot!!  so i am quite excited by this opportunity!!!  : )  

i left at 5:30ish & picked erin up for dinner.  we went to rudy's & had a nice time chatting.  :)  i tried something new, also - a chimichanga.  i know, can you believe i'd never had one before??  it was goood, too!  

after i took her home, WM was calling my name.  heh.  plus, i had to get gas.  speaking of that!  normally w/ the WM gift card you get like 3 cents off, right?  well, tonight gas at WM was $3.29 - which is great considering it's been coming down recently & i thought had stuck at $3.36 - and so i put in my gift card, and the numbers changed to TEN CENTS off!  woooot!  so i got gas for chloe for $3.19!  (there is still a little piece of my soul that just shriveled at being happy for $3.19.  that piece of my soul thinks there's no legitimate reason for gas to currently be more than $2.50/gal.  and even tho that looks high to normal eyes, but looks DARN GOOD right now!)

*yawn*  must sleep!  :)  hope your wednesday was nice & that everyone beats the heat tomorrow.  heat index of over 100.  eep!  stay cool, bloggy peeps!!  <3 ya!!


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  1. Oreos sound sooo good right now!! And I didn't know that they had thm with blue creme! I have the opposite problem than you, when I buy a pack I finish it so quickly!!! I can finish a whole pack of oreos in one sitting! It's definitely one of my favourite cookies :) p.s. I just had a double chocolate magnum bar and it was delicious. I think I'm going to have to have another one :)