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Saturday, 4 June 2011

jake ryan - an iconic name

and i totally forgot to mention the funniest thing that happened yesterday!  

so, the bridge.  i've talked about the bridge.  well, yesterday someone decided they weren't going to let ppl use the right lane, which is the lane that closes up ahead.  they picked a spot and decided no one was going to get in front of them.  

now, i understand and applaud this concept when done in a different way.  when you're in the left lane and getting close to the merge point, and you move over into the right lane so no one can zoooooom up at 30 mph & want to zip into the line ahead of you - i get that.  but what this guy was doing seemed wrong, most especially because the sign says to use both lanes & take turns merging.  not that ppl take turns merging, either.  stupid.  

anyway!  so this was all going normally until... a couple cars zoomed around him on the right, and so he inched over more to prevent the rest of the cars.  



i let him merge in front of me, and then he wouldn't let anyone else get in front of him, and his lady friend was having words w/ two or three cars passing on the right.  

it . was. hilarious!

and i'm glad no one had a gun.


time for lunch!  i'll have to pause Sixteen Candles - oh my heck, i do love this movie!  JAKE RYAN!  : )  


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