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Monday, 6 June 2011


had a headache most of the day.  :(  thankfully it wasn't a big one!!  just an annoying one.

got all my claims in, by 4:30 even!  then vacations.  i'd hoped to get a couple other things done today, as well, but there were some timecard issues - some were like a year old!  and they HAD to be taken care of today.  oye!  LOL  i did get to talk to some really fun ppl in the course of it, tho!  : )  

my dinner plans w/ becks got moved to next week, so i was going to just go to hy vee & maybe pick up adolph's.  however, then mom texted to see if i wanted to see a movie!  of course i did!  : )  

i met her at the theatre & we saw X-Men First Class.  it was MARVELous!  ; )  i really, truly enjoy these super hero movies!!  i thought they did a great job telling the backstory of X-Men.  the relationship btwn erik & xavier especially.  

after the movie, i went to WM to pick up a few groceries.  $92 later... $20 of that was for gas, which i stopped at murphy to get before heading home.  the NEATEST car i've seen since that Star Trek car (which was in the WM parking lot a month or so ago) pulled up  -  it was The Hulk!!!!  not hulk hogan, but the comic book hulk!  he was painted on the whole car, w/ the back saying "The Hulk" and a green light underneath.  and the doors opened UP instead of out.  ohhhh, it was just so amazing!!  i almost got out of the car to ask if i could take a picture... but i chickened out.  *sigh*  

ah well, anyway, that's my monday.  going to the movie made me (and mom, she even commented on it!) feel like it was friday night, but alas, tomorrow is tuesday & i have a TON to do, so i need to get to sleep so i'll be able to get it all done!  (who am i kidding?  i'll be happy if i get 15% of what i plan to do, done.  i already am prepared for random things to happen to get me off course!)  

happy tuesday!  



  1. Sounds like a great day (minus the headache, of course). Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  2. I enjoyed X-Men too...except for January Jones. Her acting made me die a little bit inside.