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Saturday, 25 June 2011

field trips!

hideehoooo, bloggy peeps!  how was your saturday??  

today was quite a lot of fun for me!  : )  i slept til 9-ish, did a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, wrote something that had been on my heart, and then headed over to mom's for breakfast.  well, more brunch, really, since it was 10:30.  *laugh*  it was yummy, tho - eggs & cheese, bacon, sausage & cinnamon toast.  oh, and hazelnut coffee.  mmmm!  

the kids were watching some sort of weird dinosaur movie.  there were also lemurs in this movie.  ?!  

they played some sword fighting & outside a bit before we left... 

we left about noon for the botanical garden.  anthony's dad & stepmom were married there, and they had a brick commemorating the event on the walkway to the koi pond.   

we liked the ducks, the reaaaaallllyyyy awesome waterfalls, and that koi pond.  everything was so pretty, but would be gorgeous in the sunlight, i'm sure.  

my favorite were the phantom petunias.

leyton found a nickel... 

oh, and in the gift shop, leyton blew on a train-shaped whistle - which meant i had to buy it.  i was like, "Don't put your mou...oh crap."  cuz he'd already started blowing the whistle!  darn it!  ah well, at least it was only $3, but still.  :|   

then we were off to the next leg of our journey, the john deere pavilion to look at tractors & construction equipment & lawnmowers!  : )  leyton noticed right away that there was a new digger on display out front.  heh.  and anthony had been complaining about going - he didn't want to - but he had so much fun.   my thought was "typical pre-teenager attitude" but i am doing my best to get him to stop acting like that and think about how his attitude could hurt feelings and also cause stress.  idk if i am getting through to him on that or not!  

anyway, i'm just glad we all had fun!!  : )  

 "aunt carrie, the ppl need corn!"  too cute!  : )  

after our explorations, we went into the gift shop so i could get some postcards & the boys each got something - leyton got a digger & anthony got a color-changing JD cup.  i got an ottumwa works 100th anniversary cup.  i was happy to see that cup, because i think it's neat that the company honored one of their units in that way!  

we went to DQ for lunch, and i had a tiny strawberry shake because it sounded good.  and it WAS good!  (and also, my blood sugar was on the low side of the range for 2 hours after my meal, so praise the Lord for that!!)  

the boys did really well on our outing, i was quite proud of them for the most part!  we did have a couple meltdowns each, but everyone had a good time, and it was a blessed day!  : ) 

i took the boys back to gramma & then came home to watch random shows (jamie oliver's food nation, new USA show Suits, lifetime show The Protector, and of course OLTL & GH from thursday & friday.  and i'm probly missing something.  *laugh*  everything was good, tho, and i really like both Suits & The Protector, altho i was annoyed w/ the "stunt language placement" of suits.  i will never understand why shows think they have to add in swearing or nudity "because they can."  it takes away from the awesomeness of the storyline & acting, IMO.  

oh yes, on a side note - i was outside when the neighbours let their dog out to potty.  it's been rainy and for whatever other reason, the dog didn't want to pee.  so they are YELLING at this dog in very mean voices (there's a difference btwn stern voice and mean voice) - "GO!  GO!  NOW!  GO!"  i was thinking A) i'd be nervous to go, too, w/ ppl screaming at me and B) some ppl just shouldn't have pets. my neighbours are really nice ppl, and helpful, and i like them.  i just did NOT like the way they talked to the dog.  (however, i guess i can understand the mean tone because i think prior to going out, the dog had peed on their carpet.  still... idk, i just don't like when ppl treat others or animals that way!)

okay, i think that's it for today!  :)  sending out postcrossings, so i should have more postcards to share soon!  :  )  i also really need to get on the ball w/ writing some other peeps back!  (sorry, micaela!)  


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