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Sunday, 12 June 2011

cheeseburger craving

ahhhh.  : )  i want a cheeseburger.  instead, i made a crazy pasta w/ cheese.  it was going to be mac & cheese, but i didn't have any milk, so i thought i'd just use a little Ragu, but it turned into more ragu than i'd planned, so then i wasn't sure if i was going to use the cheese... oye.  and i'm having the problem today where nothing is really making me feel "full" even tho i know i've eaten all my meals properly & everything.  so then i want to SNACK but for obvious reasons i DON'T want to snack.  LOL  to combat that, i've been eating a bite or two of things through the day (like, a pickle, 4 animal crackers, a spoonful of PB...).  and drinking water.  i feel like i'm going to float away, tho!  and all of this would probably just go away if i'd've gone to hardee's & gotten the stupid cheeseburger.  oye.  

anywhoo!  read my Peoples, watched some Profiler  & The Voice, did some laptop research - which only reminded me that i can never make heads or tails of laptop options!  :(  i think i'll just have to grab a best buy dude & tell them what i want & see what comes up.  LOL  i did get some good questions & suggestions on FB, tho, and if anyone here would like to comment w/ laptop suggestions or things i should definitely avoid, please do!

have i mentioned how much i love the doubletree in omaha?  i think i mentioned that they had extra towels waiting for me in the room, and they called me monday night to thank me for choosing their hotel & see if i needed anything, which i thought was amazing.  then, the general manager emailed me to thank me for staying at their hotel and for filling out a survey.  

awesome!  and i really can't wait to go back!!  : )  



  1. I had a cheeseburger last night...a Culver's Butterburger actually. Delish!

  2. ohh, culver's!!! their fries are nommy!