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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Post 500 is nothing special and everything special.  

today was a blessed day!  i spent 80% of the day on memorial follow ups.  sprinkled in there were some timecard, autho, vacation, and claims fun!  heh.  i wasn't out of there til 6, but it worked out well because i picked up leyton & anthony from marty's at 6:30.  we went to borders to hang out for awhile.  

i wish i'd taken my camera out & gotten a shot of this - it was SO ADORABLE!  so, we go into borders & i had told the kids that we weren't buying anything this trip, we were just going in there for 1/2 an hour or so while waiting for gramma to get to the theatre (we were meeting her to see Mr Popper's Penguins).  i'd thought leyton would go directly to the kid section, but he surprised me.  anthony wanted to check out the wrestling magazines, so leyton & i joined him in that aisle.  and then leyton found the train magazines.  

oh, the joy of this little boy looking through train magazines!!  my eyes are welling up right now remembering.  it was just sweet.  : )  

and i found a bruce magazine.  well, actually, it was a corvette magazine, but the reason i love corvettes is because that's what lee drove in SMK.  heh.  <3   

so, after leyton finished he 2nd magazine, and anthony showed us the mythbusters board game (hello, can we say awesome?!), then we headed to the children's section & leyton told me about many books he wanted to get.  i can't wait to take them back there to actually shop!  i love spending time in the bookstore, and to have my nephews enjoying it w/ me... pure joy!!  : )  of course, we did have some of the "can i get this, aunt carrie?"  i said, "not this trip, but we'll have to come back here & pick something out."  a few of the things leyton wanted to get were toys, and i said that when we bought something from this store it would be a BOOK because it's a BOOK store.  heh.  so then he picked out (or pointed out, rather) some books he was interested in.  : )  : )  : )  

God is good.  all the time!

then we met mom at the theatre & the movie was good, but didn't really hold leyton's interest as much as the other movies we've taken him to.  he liked the penguins, but i think there was too much other stuff going on that he wasn't really getting.  or interested in... so, i missed a lot of the movie taking him to get a popcorn refill & to the loo (oh my heck, i love love love that he picked up on my calling it the loo!!), but i really didn't mind. i just didn't want to miss the end of the movie, and we didn't.  : )  

oh goodness, it was a very blessed night, and now it's 1 again, and tomorrow is another busy day!  meeting mom & the boys after work at IHOP, i think, for dinner.  love love!  

how was your wednesday?  wacky or wonderful or some other descriptive word that doesn't start w/ W?  lol  

ttfn!!  here's to a Truly Terrific Thursday!!  

oh, also, there were postcards waiting for me from finland & taiwan.  

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