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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just can't get enough!  : ) 

another late night, but productive day, so it's all okay.

got my vacation for july squared away - i'm gone 3/5 of the fridays!  lol  des moines/mason city, harry potter, and chicago.  woot!  praise the Lord for road trips & movies!  

speaking of movies - just saw the trailer for transformers 3 which opens ... well, NOW, actually as it's 12:01 am as i type this!  lol  hey, i'm still up, i could run to the theatre... but no, i'm going to bed.  mom, anthony & i are planning to see it on thursday - after we have dinner & drop leyton off at home!  i don't think he's ready for transformers in the theatre... 

today the president was around our area.  he ate at a famous local restaurant, not really because the food is superb but because of something he told the owner the last time he was in the area campaigning.  y'all know i'm not the biggest obama fan, but i think the fact that he remembered about that phone call, that promise he made, and made time to keep it on this visit... well, i think that was pretty neat of him.  

when i got home, i had popcorn & an omelet for dinner.  odd combo, i know!  i watched switched at birth, secret life, and then caught up w/ some desperate housewives.  : )  chatted w/ erin for a bt & we're gonna do dinner tomorrow.  fun times!!

but now i really really have to sleep!  i have meetings tomorrow!!  


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