"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 26 June 2011


today, i ... 

cut my hair: 

saw my cousin teri for the first time in years.  she & two of her kids & one of her nephews were here visiting.  we had a canasta party at her mom's (aunt janie) w/ my mom, grammy & aunt jan.  

she & mom were partners & they won, but grammy & i were a close second!  : )  it was lots of fun & great to see her!  and her kids are awesome!!  and i included that second picture because grammy's smiling in it.  : )    

watched The Happening.  that is a weird-butt movie!  

watched the last 3 episodes of this past season of Chuck.  LOVE IT!  i also watched a couple episodes of The Collector.  oh, canada, how i adore you.  : )  

... and i think that was it for my adventures today!  the Lord blessed my day so much!  i hope yours was blessed, as well!  : ) 



  1. How much did you cut off your hair? I colored mine this weekend.

  2. oooh, what color? and i think a couple inches? i don't even know! it was a little at my shoulders & now it's chin length : )

  3. ahh your hair is cute!!! and i bet it feels a lot better :)

    hurray for seeing family you haven't seen in awhile and the description, "weird-butt" haha i giggled!

    i miss you so!

  4. thanks, micaela! : )

    miss you, too - i have to finish your letter!!