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Monday, 27 June 2011

oh, monday, how you vex me sometimes!

thankfully today wasn't all THAT vexing.  this morning was insane, tho... i had so many things going on, and was on the phone all morning for various things!  10 calls before lunch - highly unusual!!  but one of the calls was double duty about vacation/timecard stuff and ALSO visa stuff!  whoohoo!  LOL  

got some nice compliments about my haircut.  : )  mel said i was brave to have cut it myself.  really, it's more because i was tired of the long hair & didn't want to pay someone to cut it, so more cheap than brave... LOL  

was at work til 5:45 & i could have stayed later to finish the day's vacations, but i was just "done" at 5:30!  so i did my closings & booked it outta there.  had to stop at walgreen's, and then home sweet home.  : )  i made a yummy pasta & sausage dinner, watched the world according to paris & a jackie chan movie which i really liked - the accidental spy.  i thought i'd seen it before, but i must've been thinking of a different movie!  it was cool, tho.  and i liked that jackie chan was his character's name, too.  LOL  

oh, kept getting wrong numbers on my cell tonight.  twice it was the same number - and once was AFTER i'd answered & told them they had the wrong number!  ha!

so, tomorrow i'm thinking will be another long day, unless my morning is problem-free & i get whatever it is i have scheduled for the morning actually accomplished... *laugh*  either, way, tho, it will be BLESSED!  

i hope your day will be blessed as well.  :)   love ya!


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