"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 20 June 2011

secret 19th follower

oh 19th follower, why do you hide from me?  are you a ghost?  are you The Holy Ghost?  i don't think the Holy Ghost has a blog, but He is with me.  He inspires some of my posts, even!  He rocks.  do you know Him?  He's known as The Comforter.  not like the blanket, but like a giant hug for your heart and soul.  He doesn't get a lot of press, Mr. Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit.  i'm not sure why ppl call Him one thing or another...and you always hear ppl talking about about being in the Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, etc.  do ppl who call Him the Holy Ghost call them Gifts of the Ghost?  

anyway... tangent!!  good, glorified tangent, but still!  : )  see, on my blog's dashboard it tells me that i have 19 followers.  if you take a look to the right, you'll see that i have 18 followers.  (*waves to the ppl who admit to reading my blog*  thanks, guys!)  so, what's the deal?  if anyone has had this happen to their blog or knows what's up, let me in on the secret handshake, mmmk?  thanks!  

today is monday.  today was a monday.  today was payroll cutoff.  today was dark & stormy in the morning, and sunny & warm in the afternoon/evening.  radar says storms are moving this way again, but i'm praying they break up before they reach us.  i'm tired of severe weather.  the flooding communities are tired of rain.  

i'm just plain tired!  sleep sounds good.  it was really a good day, even tho i wanted to leave work at 4:30, and it was looking good for that at 3:30, but then a couple of issues came up that i had to help out w/, so i ended up leaving at a quarter to 6.  heh.  i stopped by a local restaurant for one of the gift cards we're giving my former boss for his retirement.  i can't believe he's retiring!!!  but he has been soooo happy this week, it's like he's walking on air.  so i can't help but be happy for him, of course.  and it helps that i really am enjoying our new boss, and think she's an awesome fit.  God is good, ppl.  God is GOOD.  !!  : )  

i watched the 2nd episode of The Glee Project, and other than being upset at who was cut, i'm really enjoying the show!  : ) how do my other Glee-fans feel about it?  are you watching??  

i also watched friday's episode of OLTL & wow talk about packing an emotional punch!  yowza!  i just want to hug them all!  the only thing that is currently annoying me - which is the same thing that always annoys me when they do this particular storyline - is Tess/Jess.  cuz for the most part, i like Tess more than Jess, and i like the theory brooke mentioned a few posts ago, that Tess is the real personality & Jess is an alter.  except that would totally crap on years of the show's history, so ... maybe not.  and i like Jessica when she's written well.  the actress who plays her is amazing.  the writers... sometimes not so much.  

okay, really do have to get to sleep!  tomorrow is another long & blessed day, hoo-rah!!  


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