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Thursday, 23 June 2011


how'd everyone's thursday go?  did you have a good day at work?  did you eat something fabulous?  did you see someone you hadn't seen in awhile?  do share!  : )  

work was productive, had a nice meeting, chatted w/ my new wall-mate.  she had a pretty bad case of the sneezies going on, poor girl.  hopefully i don't catch them!  (she has been really diligent about sanitizing & sneezing into tissues & stuff, but germs are sneaky! LOL)

mom texted to say she was going in to work tonight so no hanging out w/ her & the boys, but they're staying w/ her & phil for the weekend, so i'll get to see them on saturday at least, hopefully!!  : )  i still left at 4-ish, because i needed to pick up the rest of the gift's for the boss's retirement party tomorrow.  : )  well, former boss.  the new boss isn't retiring!  heh.  ANYway - so my first stop was adolph's, because i was having a seriiiious red salsa craving.  and they're a pepsi place, and a fountain DP sounded good.  next were a couple shops to pick up the gifts which i can't write about yet on the off chance he would pick midnight or early morning tomorrow to start reading my blog.  LOL  i don't want to ruin the surprise!!  but i'll have pictures tomorrow, natch.  
i will say that one of my stops was the crow's nest & i got in there like 10 minutes before closing time.  i wasn't quite sure what i was looking for, but knew the type it had to be.  i found something really neat that i think he'll really like... i hope he enjoys his presents, but i also hope that everyone who contributed is happy w/ the stuff i picked out for him.  i'm not worried, i just get like this whenever i have to buy presents for ppl!  *laugh*  ya know how i am!  

all that running around and i got home just before 7!  happy!  i ate dinner, finally, while watching a really excellent GH (except, what is up w/ spinelli?  i love bradford anderson, but this gumshoe thing - while showcasing his talent - is kinda annoying).  after GH i had to catch up on AGT & then watch an epi of The Voice.  oooohhheeeee!  i'm going to have to go to bed soon & watch another episode tomorrow.  the one i'm watching is from monday...so i have to watch the results show tomorrow.

so, my car is sorta a disaster.  i have enough space for myself, and leyton, but then the backseat next to leyton is piled w/ blankets (erm...they were in my trunk & i'm honestly not sure how they got in the back seat but i suspect it was when bret borrowed the car & i just didn't put them back in the trunk) ... and the passenger seat is where i put stuff that i'll nead or whatever.  well, yesterday i had to clean it off for anthony, of course!  so it's clean still, now.  

i had a WM "green" bag that i'd put some stuff in oodles of ages ago (like some stuff was from the health fair last year!).  and it's the perfect size to put the boss's basket in so he won't see it if he comes around my desk before the party!  : )  so i brought it inside & cleaned it out - Breaking Dawn & health fair stuff, some receipts, my ricky nelson cd... and a note that kinda made me go "whaaat?"  i don't remember ever seeing this note, and i don't know where it came from, or when! but it's from a guy i was interested in many moons ago, and we went out once, but i'm not sure our movie choice was such a good idea for our hanging out, and we didn't really hang out after that.  which was sad, cuz i missed him.  but i'm not a call the guy kinda girl.  i don't even call my friend matthew!  i'm thinking the note must have been from before i moved here, which would have been like 2007, but why didn't i see it then?  did i see it then & nothing came of it so i forgot?  the questions are driving me batty!  LOL  

so i sent him a note on FB to see if he remembers when he wrote this note.  *laugh*  and if he says that i HAD seen it & we've talked about it before... i am going to seriously wonder about myself!

oh!  i got to chat w/ april & mom tonight, too.  happy!  

and i think that's all i have for today!  : )  tomorrow should be interesting & better be fun!  


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