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Monday, 13 June 2011


sometimes talking to mom is really good.  sometimes it's really frustrating.  tonight it was both, which was pretty cool.  we talked, on the phone, for like 2 hours.  that is so NOT normal for us!  *laugh*  and even tho she was jumping to conclusions about what i was saying, and interrupting me, and ... it was still really nice, because i didn't get mad about her interrupting me, i just called her on it.  and she apologized.  and then listened to what i had to say.  


workday was definitely a MONDAY, altho when i got back from lunch i thought it was tuesday.  weird.  i did get my visa stuff accomplished, tho, which made me feel really good!  it didn't even take me all day, and that is one report that usually takes at least 9 hours!  tomorrow i'll be working on memorials which probably will take all day, depending on how many checks are in my interoffice.  lol  i am truly, truly grateful that i love every aspect of my job.  there are things that are a pain at the time i do them, but i understand their importance.  i'm not doing anything that is "busywork" ya know?  there are things that are "busywork" w/in the work, of course!  it's hard to explain.  it just makes me happy, what i do!  : ) 

after work i was supposed to meet rebecca & nate for dinner, but she ended up having to reschedule.  i was going to just pick up CFA, but when i got to the bridge it was PACKED and so i didn't take the exit & instead took a little tour of a back way to the main road to get to arthur's - and that's where i ended up for dinner.  mmmmm!  

i watched episode one of The Glee Project & then talked to mom for a couple hours & then watched a couple eps of secret life.  i really enjoyed the glee project - and will be interested to see how it shakes out!!  SL is such an interesting dynamic... i'm on episode 20, i think.  

and it's nearly 1 am, and i really really should sleep!!  can't wait for the weekend - leyton time!!  


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