"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 18 June 2011


got up a little late, but still made it to leyton's Field Day.  We had a lot of fun!  : )  Check out the pictures, eh?  

i came home to use the loo - i'll use port-a-pots if i have to, but i was close enough to home & the field day was over.  *laugh*  mom & leyton went to watch phil & jen play volleyball for awhile.  then they picked me up & we went to hickory garden for breakfast-lunch.  : )  


back home for some Burn Notice, so mom & leyton could nap.  

around 3, i took a mini-field trip to see what i could see in the air.  it's air show weekend, you know, and hearing the planes fly over my house but not being able to see them really drives me nuts.  so i go out to see them.  now, normally i would drive out closer to where the air show is at, because i can see the most planes that way.  but for some reason today i got turned around & distracted by the ppl out in lawn chairs.  lol  it was actually rather annoying!  but i DID get to see some planes, and a couple of flyovers by the blue angels!  so that's was nice.  : )  

i went to mom's at 5 & hung out w/ leyton.  we played outside for a bit, with his RMC.  some older neighborhood kids came by to play with it, too.  i'm never sure about kids these days, which is really sad.  i mean, my natural instinct is - they're kids, let's all be happy & have fun!  alas, experience has taught me that kids can be cruel.  so i just try really hard to treat them with respect and keep a close eye out for any shenannigans!  and these boys seemed alright.  and they left after a few minutes.  lol  

having been outside so much earlier, and as it was getting buggy out, we soon went inside to play w/ trains & monopoly & catch/vb & couch jumping.  : )  

mom came home around 7:30 & we did bath time, ordered pizza, watched thomas, and then i left a little after 9.  leyton was hunting for something interesting in my purse before he'd let me go... LOL  GREAT day and night!!!  : )  

when i got home, i read blogs & wrote postcards & such.  one blog, written by my friend corey, was very touching.  he talks about, thinking about eternity.  he inspired me to share some Scriptures.  check them out at his post.  

and i'll leave you with this - Jesus loves you, and wants you to love Him, too.



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