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Thursday, 9 June 2011

*happy dance*

i wanna go bowling!  

my computer works again & i got to have a Bones marathon tonight!  thank You, Lord!  (it's the little things, you know!)  and let me say, the season finale?  some ppl were complaining about it in TV Guide, but i LOVED how they did it!  can't wait for next season!  : )  i also watched some Castle.  oh, i am so happy that my computer is letting me watch my shows again!!!  

i think what happened - i deleted a lot of crazy random files that downloaded w/ my pictures & i think that's what was bogging up my system.  i hadn't noticed that the files had downloaded ... for some reason, videos that i've deleted from my sd card are still downloading every time i import photos... if anyone knows how to stop this, please advise!

so!  lots going on... storms yesterday were CA-RAZY!  woke me up at 5:15am & i tried to get back to sleep, but i think i just dozed maybe for an hour.  the radar says more storms coming tonight, but i am praying that the bad stuff breaks up before reaching us.  i was a tired puppy today & actually left at 4:30.  which is still 1/2 an hour late, but leyton's game was cancelled cuz of the wet, and if i hadn't been so exhausted i would have stayed later... 

worked out okay, tho, as i was able to get across the bridge to the bank & then hungry hobo for a potato for dinner.  i put leftover adolph's salsa on it.  MMMM!  i did miss seeing the boys, but at least i got to yesterday, right?  : )  

i need stamps.  i have a bunch of postcards & letters & card-cards to mail.  but no stamps!  boo!  payday is wednesday, so i shall get some after that.  well, after i pay some bills... booo again!  LOL  

TGIF!  i get to have thai w/ some WONDERFUL friends tomorrow after work.  woot!!!  


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