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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Voice training

after Paris, i watched some OLTL & GH, and then went to get erin for dinner.  can i just say, if i haven't here before, that it is so nice to see roger howarth back on OLTL!  i'm so sad that they're going away soon, but so happy that roger's back for the time they have left!  

erin & i went to arthur's & it was DELICIOUS!  love their potatoes so much!  :)  we stayed for a couple hours, chatting about church & her DC trip & stuff.  good times!  also got to see her parents, who i hadn't seen in awhile!  and of course daisy the puppy!  : )  

i finished watching AGT when i got home, and then started The Voice.  so happy to be able to watch this show!!!  (i will keep saying that about various shows...LOL)  i can't believe i haven't been crushing on blake shelton forever.  *laugh*  i told april tonight that if i was in the market for a man, he would need to have an accent!  not necessarily a southern accent, i like the british, australian, scottish & irish accents as well.  (eligible bachelors who love kids but either already have some and don't want more or don't want any, come on down!)

he's dreamy!  

and now it's 2, so i'm going to zzzz!  i'll have to catch up on the rest of the voice tomorrow after i read my Peoples!  


oh yeah, p.s.
got a card from belarus today!  : )  it's of francis skaryne, a belarusian scientist, photographer, physician, & educator who translated the Bible into belarusian!  awesome!!  


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