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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

ice ice baby (chickah-chickah)

today was quite a productive kinda day!  i don't remember what i worked on  ... oh, well, lots of different things!  *laugh*  photos, claims, vacations, timecards, phone calls, emails, all sorrrrrts of stuff!

for lunch, a few ppl ordered... *drumroll*... ADOLPH's!  so of course i ordered some enchiladas.  nom nom nom!  oh, also today i got megan's invitation to her wedding next month (harry potter weekend, silly girl!) - such a pretty and classy invitation!  it gave me an idea for my birthday invitations this year, too.  (cuz i'm gonna be 35, there will be actual invitations sent out, i think!)

i'd wanted to leave at 4:30 & get groceries, but then andrea stopped by to sign the boss's card, and there were last minute emails about photos & timecards & vacations & claims... LOL  so i left at, erm, 5:30.  and by that time i just wanted dinner - so i skipped the groceries & drove home, trying to work out what sounded good!  *laugh*  turns out that mexican last night and at lunch wasn't enough, and taco john's sounded good!  small super potato ole - yuuum!  : ) 

watched the voice, some OLTL & GH.  love love!  

aaaand, got a postcard from stephen & invite to his bday party.  i can't believe he & sarah are going to be 8!!  

PTL tomorrow is thursday!  hoping to hang out w/ leyton - haven't seen him in a week & i miss him.  i hope tomorrow goes wonderfully blessed for me and for YOU!  *HUGS*  



  1. Mexican food really is the best. OLTL...what is going on with "the Todd's"?? And will Matthew's heart go to Clint?? I read an interesting theory on Carolyn Hinsey's facebook page about how Tess is the actual person and Jessica has been an alter this whole time. I would love that!!

  2. oh my heck! i was thinking the same thing about tess!! and i can't wait to find out what the story is w/ "fake todd." i love him... but i guess they're all going away in a few months, so... *cry*