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Saturday, 11 June 2011


gotta sleep!!

today was good, but long, and work was semi-brutal.  *laugh*  i loved it, tho!  had fun w/ quite a few of the things i got to do today, and also got to hear some spoken russian by a visitor to the office.  if you don't know, i LOVE russian!  i love the sound of the language.  : )  

i met anna & dawn, brooklyn, and jessica at thai for dinner.  PUMPKIN CURRY, yes.  : )  great visit & can't wait for the next one already!!

got to chat w/ erin tonight for awhile.  yay!  she just got back from a trip to DC, and her stories made me miss the capitol!!  i've only been there twice, but i want to go back for more tours.  i love that city!!  she & i are gonna hang out after mass tomorrow.  woot!  dinner...idk where, but i think she mentioned wendy's.  mmm... potato!

i watched the season finale of Castle (EXCELLENT!) & then got mostly caught up with AGT.  are you watching this season??  so far i am liking the first magician, the laser dance troupe, the first parrot lady, and the justin bieber girl.  : )  i have stayed up waaaaay too late watching it, tho, and will have to finish later!  it's almost 3 am, ppl, and i want to make it to the PO tomorrow, so i have to get up by 11.  

what're you up to this weekend??


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