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Thursday, 30 June 2011

movies are awesome!

just a quick note because i have to sleep.  

today was a very blessed day!  work went well, productively, got some things scheduled for my july vacation.  woot!  we had a celebration of 25 years today & there was cake but i didn't have any because i didn't want any and even tho ppl kept "encouraging" me to have a piece of cake, i said no thank you.  now, if it had been carrot cake, i probably would have wanted a slice (and would have had one)!  : )  

mom, anthony & i went to Transformers 3 at 7.  OH MY HECK!!!!  hilarious, awesome, actiony, sweet, JOSH DUHAMEL HOTNESS, and of course my unconventional boyfriend, Optimus Prime (even tho toni thinks he's hers... uh...no!  LOLOLOL j/k,i can share)!  : )  really, really enjoyed this movie!  it's quite long, and feels long, but in the kind of way that is good.  it feels like a lot is happening, and i didn't want the story to end, so i was happy that it wasn't ending.  ya know?  maybe not, but it makes sense in my head.  heh.  

AND i got to see an amaaaaazing HP preview!  YES!  two weeks, just two weeks!  : )   : )  : )  

mom had a couple movies that she was taking back - battle: los angeles & Beastly.  so, i finally watched Beastly!  hooray!  a couple of things - vanessa hudgens is kinda creepy looking now.  is it her cheekbones?  idk, but it was a little distracting.  and, of course, the book is better.  having said that, however, i also want to point out that i enjoyed the movie & think it works well for anyone who knows the beauty & the beast storyline, but not necessarily the beastly storyline.  ... 

anyway!  zzzzzzz.  LOL  take care & ttf!!  

p.s. - it's HOT out there, so drink that water!!  

oh yes, and i nearly forgot the day's postcards!  

these are from croatia, the netherlands (love that quote!) and pari.  

ttfn!  have a blessed Friday!  FRIDAY!  : )  

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  1. I was a little weary about seeing Transformers 3 because I thought the second one was just awful! But I am glad to see you liked it and I probably will too!! Sexy Josh would def make it worth watching even if it turned out to be awful like the second one though :) hehe I CANNOT wait until HP!!!!!!! It's going to be so amazing and yet so sad after it's over! I'm sure we'll both shed a few tears in the theatre! Your unconventional boyfriend - that is so cute :) That's how I feel about cartoon characters etc. lol