"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 4 June 2011

lunch with friends - check.
sixteen candles - check.

now we have this afternoon... 
i went to mom's around 4.  she & leyton (& phil) were all sleeping.  anthony was at a friend's party.  so i snuggled into the couch & read the latest TV Guide.  our favorite matt bomer was featured.  WOOT WOOT!  : )  

i took a little nap myself once i'd finished the magazine.  heh.  anthony & jake came in from the park (where the party had gone) for something to drink.  then leyton woke up but didn't want to get up, so we snuggled in gramma's bed for a little bit while she was getting ready.  it was all fun & games til he almost broke my glasses!  lol  thankfully they survived.  : )  

we went to bub, boo & bran's graduation party.  it was a fun ride!  

leyton played w/ some balloons.  i got to chat w/ a bunch of ppl but only briefly.  i was so happy to get to see the three guests of honor, tho.  

the baby is a friend's, and her name is really pretty & starts w/ "rh" but i cannot remember it now for some reason!  also, i would like to point out that my shirt is from the twisted fish company in juneau, alaska.  aunt judy got it for me on our 2007 trip, when we ate dinner at the restaurant.  (goood salmon, on a cedar plank, btw!)  i haven't been able to wear it, however, because it was a size too small.  until today.  i thought, "i've lost 50 lbs, i wonder if that shirt would fit now?"  and it does!  woot!!  : )  

mom has developed some anxiety around large groups of ppl, and so we didn't even stay the hour that she'd said we would.  i rode w/ her partly because of my own anxiety issues - ironically not always large-group initiated.  sometimes they are sparked by situations such as parking.  it's all very odd, i know.

anyway, so i did get to talk to lots of family & friends, but very, very briefly!!  still, blessed!  : )  and i got a GREAT shot of mom & aunt janie!!

after the party, we went to hickory garden for dinner, and we all had breakfast!  : )  i had the gyro breakfast, which i hadn't had gyro meat in awhile, and it was delicious!!  

leyton was complimented on his inquisitiveness & intelligence by our waitress.  : )  

then it was back home to jump on the couch & wear gramma's glasses... LOL 

then I was off to home.  or so i thought.  but as i turned onto the highway, i noticed fireworks in the distance!  so i turned the car around & followed them.  when i got close enough, i pulled onto an exit & they were SO CLOSE, felt like right above my head!!  so beautiful!  i took some (a lot of) pictures and some turned out nicely.  not, like, professional nicely but good for me.  : )  

i love going to see fireworks, but for some reason, when they are unexpected it's even better!!  

now, back home to read some People, blogs, watch Buck Rogers, and SLEEP!  : )  

how was your saturday??  



  1. Wow! 50 pounds! Congratulations!! My Saturday was spent at a lake for a birthday party. Not a bad way to spend the day...free birthday cake!!

  2. thanks, brooke!! birthday cake (or retirement cake, or wedding cake, or ... cake cake!)!!!! : )