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Thursday, 2 June 2011

thursday loves

 craaaazy clouds this morning!  

 sand art at CFA!  

 aaaaand JUMP!  : ) 

king of the slide!  (cuz, well, only kid in the play area at the moment... LOL)

marvelous, wonderful thursday!  very busy day, and i wasn't sure if i was going to get all my claims audited!  which i didn't but most.  : ) 

CFA was a blast, as usual!  the cow waved from the window when leyton pulled up, which he just thought was the neatest thing ever.  he & the cow are bff's, man.  b.f.f.  he made the cute sand art (i think i'm going to look for a little jar at hobby lobby & see about doing a bigger sand project, cuz he really liked his sand art!) & ate a big dinner & played & played & played.  

i can't believe he's FOUR.  
he can buckle himself in & everything!
he & mom went to the family museum & there's a clifford exhibit & he told me all about the conveyor belt that lifted bones... (idk, but it sounded neat!)

we had fun, but i was sad when i realized that i missed nate's birthday party at monkey joe's.  whoops! i had planned to tell mom to meet me out there, and then i just plain forgot.  sorry, becks!!  at least we get to have dinner on monday!  : )  

when i got home, i got to chat w/ april for a bit finally!  too brief, too brief, but at least it was longer than a couple sentences!!  : )  

finished season 1 of royal pains.  love love love the USA shows!!  i want to collect them all, one sale at a time.  heh.  

or perhaps a trip to amazon ... i could probably get all of the seasons i want used.... hey, it worked for Angel & Renegade & some of my Buffy seasons!  : )  

today is my cousin brandee's birthday.  monday was her sister, baylee's birthday.  saturday is their brother, bub's graduation party, and i think the whole fam will be there.  can't wait!!!  : ) 

(lots of smiles today...)

hope you had a blessed thursday.  i'm already ready for the weekend!  


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