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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

power of prayer

last night i, along w/ a bunch of other ppl i'm sure, prayed that the storms would break up before they reached us, and they did.  praise the Lord!!  :)

now i'm praying for this headache to go away, so if you could join me in that prayer, i would appreciate it!

work was good, managed to leave at 4:30 & got almost everything accomplished that i'd scheduled!  i moved vacations to tomorrow because the headache had just drained me all day, working on memorials & timecard issues.  oh, and some fun policy stuff!  : )  well, none of those would have drained me if the headache/shoulderache had stayed away!  bah.  i hate pain.

i managed to watch switched at birth, secret life, america's got talent, GH, and a few weird al videos, tho, so at least it didn't interfere w/ that!  ; ) of course, getting used to it is even more annoying, ya know?

all the shows were really good, too!  especially switched at birth, which is one of my new favorite shows!!

talked to mom for a bit about stuff goin' on, and talked about some more road trips.  oh, & also straightened out her phone issue w/ the Virgin Mobile call center.

dear virgin mobile, please consider offering an "other" option on your voice help line.  it should NOT take so long to get to a live adviser in order to get help on something!!!  i mean, i listened to all the options computer-guy gave.  none of them really suited what i was calling for, and so i said "operator."  then computer-guy gets all psuedo-nice & says, "great, now, so i can get you to the right adviser, what is your call about?" and repeats the SAME OPTIONS!  WTH??  if one of those options would have worked, i would have said those options!  and there's no out.  i hit 0 - he says the same thing.  and even after you say operator, and then something else, the computer still goes thru this list of questions.  ARGH!  so frustrating.  then, when i finally got to a person, she was great & very helpful & everything, but the beginning of the call wasn't great because i was so frustrated from computer-guy!

so, virgin mobile usa, just something to think about.  i've had my phone for many years, and i am usually very happy with your service.  my mom has had her phone for awhile, too, and is usually very happy w/ her service.  but all it takes is ONE too many times of being dissatisfied, and we can switch to tracfone or whatever WM's phone system is calling itself these days.

annnd.... what else?  i think that is about it!  gonna hit the hay & pray for safety & pain relief & that tomorrow is an awesome day.  : )  i forget what i have scheduled... oh, memorials.  i need to follow up w/ some areas who haven't ever gotten back to me - and the requests went out months ago!  gotta find out if there's a hold up or if they were sent out directly before being sent to me.  and if that was happening how to make sure it's not still happening... etc., etc... so, i'm gonna need a good night's sleep!!  : )

how was YOUR day?  ttfn!

hawaiian sea turtles.
just because they make me happy.
: ) 

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  1. I saw Weird Al in concert once. Hilarious. Automated answering service is annoying...I hate the ones that want you to say your choice and then it tries to match it up...