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Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Walk In My Shoes

i think i've talked about the movie collaboration with Wal-Mart & P&G before, yes?  The Jensen Project and Secrets of the Mountain?  they're like hallmark movies w/ Great Value product placement!  lol  well, today i had a transformers marathon & when that was over, decided to have a WM movie marathon.  i'm starting w/ the one i hadn't seen yet, A Walk In My Shoes.  

OH. MY. HECK.  soooooo good!  made me cry more than once.  part if it is about a son struggling w/ his dad's death, and the last words he spoke to his dad, and having to work thru that.  made me think about daddy & how, i don't really remember the last words i spoke to him, but i know they were good words.  i don't have any regrets about that (others, sure, and wish i didn't), but the concept is the reason why i make sure to say "i love you" so much when leaving my family or ending a phone call.  

and the theme of - get our of your own head & help someone else.  you might just help yourself along the way.  you know i like that one!  i like to help ppl, even when sometimes it doesn't work out so well for me... lol  (recent events...)  even then, i learn some things, and i feel like i'm letting God work in me, and thru me for someone else.  meh.  it makes sense in my head!

anyway, today hasn't been all streaming tears & heartfelt movies.  LOL   i have also spent some time on this site.  laughing my butt OFF, man.  seriously, if you haven't checked it out you really should.  ESPECIALLY if you have ever been bitten by autocorrect... *laugh*  

i've been tossing around the idea of starting a new blog exclusively for giveaways.  but i don't really have a sponsor or anything... so i need to do a little planning & see what i have around here that would make good giveaway fodder.  what do you think?  so far the idea is to do a post once or twice a month w/ a featured item - it could be something of mine that i'm sharing, something from a particular store or etsy shop that has tickled my fancy, something from CSN should i be fortunate enough to be contacted by them ever again... LOL  

so i need a little help from you, my readers!  tell me what kinds of things (little things!  big things!  ANYthings!) you would be interested in winning.  please?  : )  



  1. I finally watched the Netflix movie that I've had for at least a month now... movies are not high on my list of priorities.

  2. LOL Brooke, you have other important priorities going on for sure! : )