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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

crap! it's 2 AM!?!

LOL  well, today (yesterday) was a wonderful day!!  : )  work went well, got lots accomplished & helped some ppl, got to have a warm-fuzzy meeting w/ the boss, and the bridge wasn't horrible (only 1/2) when i went to the bank!  


but then, the fun!!  : )  i made it to christina & tony's & we talked about mexican food for awhile.  got the tour of the apt, met their kitty, actually was meeting tony for the first time & seeing tina for the first time since ... goodness, i really don't even know when the last time we actually were in the same room!  at least a decade?  well, she & tony have been together for 14 years & this was my first time meeting him, so... yeah.  wow time flies!!!

anyway, they have been hunting for good mexican, so i of course thought - ADOLPH'S!  but then they said they'd been to a few of my other favorite places & were disappointed, so i was a little worried that they wouldn't like it.  they're from texas, ya know, and KNOW mexican food!  thankfully, they loved it!  or they told me they loved it... lol but really they did.  : )  

i have to say, and i hope they felt the same way, it was like we got together all the time!  lol  we had some awesome discussions, which i would love to detail here, but did i mention it's now 2 am??  yeah! i got to their place around 6:30, i think, and left at midnight.  GOOD VISIT!!  we had a really great discussion about God/the Lord/the Bible... very interesting!  and tony gave himself a nickname that i wish i could remember!  tonydamas or something like that.  a play on nostradamas... 

i spelled that poorly, i think.

so, yeah!  very blessed night, so happy christina & tony are here, can't wait to hang out w/ them more!!  : )  

and, when i got home, postcardpalooza!!!  and these 3 came w/ really great stamps, as well!  

from the czech republic.  why are turtles & birds so stinkin cute??  *laugh*  and what a neat clock!

from the netherlands - i think the one on the left is a boy & the one on the right is a girl.  i'm not really a fan of world peace for certain reasons (Biblically, world peace = end of the world, but i'm not entirely sure how that all works.. i mean, i don't want us to be at war, either, so... that is a confusing one in carrieland!)... anyway, neat stamps, tho i'm not sure what the blue one is ... 

and then we have this one from spain!  love the artwork, love the stamps, love that marcelo wrote in spanish on the card AND made a point to compliment my blog on the card!  thanks, much!!  oh yes, and he took the picture, as well!  very talented!!  check out his other photos, won't you?  this one's my favorite so far!  also, how much do you love these stamps??  they were my favorite of the evening!  : )  especially the "please clean up after your doggy" one - seriously, the bag has a dog poooping!  hahahahaha!  LOVE IT!!

okay, so that's what i have for you today.  how was YOUR day?  tomorrow i get to sleep in (but because it's now approaching 3 am, i fear i won't actually get more SLEEP, pity!!) & then get leyton & hang out.  gonna go to the pavilion & then idk what.  

have a great night/day!  ttfn!

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