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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

inside out

sometimes i get dressed in the dark.  in the winter, it's because the harsh glare of light is just too much for me to handle that early in the morning.  normally i'll turn on the light in my closet, tho, so i can see what i'm doing & yet still have that buffer thing going on.

today i didn't turn on the closet light, and just got dressed.  when i arrived at work i went to the loo & discovered... underwear, inside out.  d'oh!  LOL  thankfully, no one sees that but me, right?  

anywhoo, i did not let that little discovery throw me off.  it was cutoff for claims & i had over 200 to process!  heh.  thankfully the phones & emails were quiet til the end of the day when i was done w/ the claims (thank You, Lord!).  : )  of course, the end of the day problems were DOOZIES.  one in particular really just threw me for a loop & made me do a big "HUH?"  but the rest of the day went well, and i'm happy w/ everything that was accomplished!  

and after work i picked up arthur's for dinner (bacon cheddar potato is amaaaaazing!) & went to jen's.  i got there about four minutes before phil dropped leyton off.  ate my potato, and leyton ate popcorn for dinner, and anthony ate anytizers.  i was gonna make leyton a corn dog, but then ... um... he said he was't hungry & i forgot.  d'oh!  bad auntie!  hopefully he really wasn't hungry... LOL   we watched a movie on disney... 16 Wishes?  i think that's the name.  it was cuuuuute!  and i have to look up where i know the boy in it from.  i'm sure it's another disney show, but i can't think of what!  it's like he's a bratty brother or something.  but he's a cutie in this movie!  and oh my heck, so cute - i was asking anthony who this one girl is, and leyton pipes up, "that's (insert actress name here) from good luck charlie!"  hahahaha!  not even the character name, but the ACTRESS name.  oh goodness.  !!!  : )  

it was a nice night altogether!

now i'm watching Glee: Rumours.  good album.  not sure i like this episode, but can't fault the music!  heh.  rachel's rendition of "go your own way" was my favorite!  : )  

my dear cousins, boo & bran, are graduating from college this weekend, in tennessee.  i want to go SO BAD!  but mom can't afford it - and i really can't afford it since i'm going to omaha at the end of the month.  so, alas, no road trip this weekend.  BUT mom & i are going to hang out.  yay!  tomorrow i think we are all just hanging out at her house, because she's fed up w/ what happened last week... 

anywhoo!  time for me to hit the hay pretty soon.  welcome to new readers, thank  you for stopping by!  hope my randomness finds you well.  :)  


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