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Monday, 16 May 2011

teacher movies

after my success with survivor last night, i attempted to watch celebrity apprentice tonight.  however, my computer had other ideas.  so, i popped in Stand and Deliver instead.  as my friend JJ tweeted - SO inspiring!!  i used to watch teacher movies (this one, summer school, lean on me, kdg cop, dangerous minds) and dream about one day when i, too, would teach teens & make a difference in their lives.  *sigh*  now i watch them and i still have that feeling of being uplifted, of hope, but i know that teaching teens is not my calling.  and i kinda miss it.  (and i kinda don't, because oh my goodness, can you imagine?  the stress!  i would be a nervous wreck every day, if i even made it through my student teaching, and that is why i was switching majors when i was in college!)


got to chat w/ april for a bit today, which was nice!  and also debibob.  woot!  lunch at rudy's w/ trish & meg & deb, very yummy!  their monday special is a small combo plate for $5 - which is nearly 1/2 off the normal price of $8.70-something!!  i know, right??  wowzers!  

do you ever get roped into conversations w/ someone you know (and enjoy talking to, most of the time) where they just start talking away and you feel like you came into the middle of a conversation they were having w/ someone else?  that happened to me recently, and idk how to gracefully ask - "What are you talking about??" because this person just kept going on ... and on... and on... and it was an interesting story, but they just had started the story in like the middle!  and they've done this during the past two or three conversations we've had.  it's just very awkward, and a lot of "ohhhh" and "well, of course!" -ing from me... 

yeah.  so.  how was your day?  : ) 



  1. Ha! I have a sister-in-law who tells stories that involve people I do not know but she talks about them like I should know who they are. It is annoying but I'm so used to it now that I just keep nodding and agreeing.

  2. hmmmm.... the "well of course"-es are a new one. i might have to try that one out sometime. my favorite is "right" and "makes sense"

  3. Oooh, Corey, I like the "makes sense" one!

    Brooke - sometimes the most interesting stories are about ppl we don't know, too! lol